This 10th episode delivers a surprising Didn’t-See-That-Coming moment:

Just when it seemed that Jamal is all set to step up to the responsibility of being Lola’s father, we learn that the adorable little girl is his sister. “I’m the one who put the baby in her (Olivia),” Lucious confesses as he tries to stop a gunman from shooting Jamal and Cookie.

Jennifer Hudson on Empire-FOX

Photo by Chuck Hodes – Courtesy of FOX


Andre’s music therapist, Michelle, pitches another plot twist:

Instead of steamy intimacy, she invites Andre to pray with her. Luckily for viewers, Michelle accompanies herself on the piano while soulfully singing, “Remember The Music,” before throwing her curveball.

Photo by Chuck Hodes – Courtesy of FOX


As the Lyons family gathers to sign off on the Empire Entertainment IPO, Hakeem shows up with Camilla. The couple proudly reveals Hakeem’s evolving music artistry with an upbeat performance of “Nothing But A Number.” Sadly, Lucious tries to buy off Camilla and break up the lovers.

This episode also serves up a couple tasty musical morsels in a Lucious & Mary J Blige flashback duet, “Shake Down,” and in Jamal’s recording session for a new song celebrating “Lola.”

These are just some of the OMG moments from episode 10 of Empire on FOX. Watch the full episode HERE.

Finale Episodes 11: Die But Once & 12 Who Am I will rock the Lyons den with Cookie getting more deeply involved with Malcolm while building her own brand; Jamal and Ryan share intimate moments; the battle for the Empire throne gets down and dirty as music rules with guest artists Snoop Dogg, Patti Labelle, Jennifer Hudson, Juicy J and Rita Ora; and more…

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Cookie - Empire Season 1

Photo by Chuck Hodes – Courtesy of Fox

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