By Nicusor Ciumacencu — Season 2 to Season 3, of the Netflix hit series, "The Crown" should have transitioned like the gears of an

By Darwyn Carson — Now we know. "The Game's" Episode 5 delivered—as promised—the identity of The Mole. Clever writing, this, from series creator Toby

By Darwyn Carson - (originally published 12/2014) Just as we were about to yawn and say pass the potatoes please, three unique

By Ernest Kearney  —  It always pleases me when I revisit a film after many years and find that it’s as good as I

Netflix is shooting out product faster than the bullet train. The Jason Bateman starrer, "Ozark," streaming now, is sprinting toward the front of the

What strikes one—when inspecting television’s hugest failures—is the large percentage of those which are remakes and retooling’s. Now with the right amount or effort applied,

The Fall: Season 2, on NETFLIX, got more personal and crossed more lines than could be handled by the Paris Metro system. Fair warning: Wide berthing

Summary: Streaming detective show Bosch, based on the long-running (17 and counting) popular series by author, Michael Connelly, doesn’t stray far from the literary

Acorn TV’s most recent original dramedy: the small-village, untrained, but good at crime solving diva, Agatha Raisin.

The Americans, season 4 premiere 10pm, Weds. (March, 16) on FX. Be prepared for a whip-lash year. Now, it’s possible you may be someone whose

You don’t have to be paying rapt attention to the 50-inch rectangular flat screen hanging above the fireplace or the 40-incher placed, discreetly, in

Last year (2014) The Honorable Woman snagged two TVolution Honors: the Bravest and the Best Freshman Drama of the summer. A creative field plump full of

Summary: What would it be like? It’s 1962, fifteen years after the end of World War II and the ultimate question is posed: What

"It was like the eve of a battle; the hearts beat, the eyes laughed, and they felt that the life they were perhaps going

When I first heard news of a weekly series set in hip hop and R&B music industry with a predominately African American cast, I

If you're not excited about the return of Matthew Rhys on The Americans tonight on FX, then you haven't been watching. It's time to start.

Indeed, four men like them, four men devoted to each other from their money to their lives, four men always supporting each other, never

Just as we were about to yawn and say pass the potatoes please, three unique Points of Play in The Game, episodes three and