By Ernest Kearney — Legendary rocker Joe Cocker was being interviewed once very early in his career when the BBC reporter asked

By Ernest Kearney — Ahash Francis, has chosen a subject for his one-man show that is a fascinating and tragic figure from

By Ernest Kearney — "Camp Ginger" is an intelligent well constructed tale of a young, sensitive, socially maladroit lad who is sent

By Ernest Kearney — What is startling about Charlotte Munson’s performance in her musical “Di Lady Di,” is the agility she displays

By Ernest Kearney — In our time, in our world, there is no more important battle than that for the truth. And the journalists

By Ernest Kearney — Writer/Performer Alex McSherry takes his clue from Historian John Keegan’s classic work "The Face of Battle" in "The

By Ernest Kearney — “Vincerò” is the closing term cried by the “Unknown Prince,” which concludes “Nessun Dorma” from the opera "Turandot."

By Ernest Kearney — At first Clive Kennedy seems out of place on the stage at the Complex, where he is performing in

By Ernest Kearney — “Cassandra,” at the Studio/stage for HFF’22, has a good deal going for it.

By Ernest Kearney  — Playing onstage at the Broadwater for HFF'22, "To Bah or Not to Bah Humbug" is thirty minutes of inoffensive fun

By Ernest Kearney — "Shubop-Dubay-Had" is, as advertised, the prequel to Gordon’s HFF19 musical "No Matter Watt," and a worthy prequel it is.

By Ernest Kearney — A distinct benefit of seeing dancer Aylin Bayaz and guitarist Raúl Mannola performed at the Hudson is the

By Ernest Kearney — In "Too Big for Her Britches," Writer/Performer Lisa Pezik is this side of amazing.

By Ernest Kearney — Bianca Singer has an engaging persona, but that persona seems out of place within her one-woman show "Authentic Self: The

By Ernest Kearney — Remove the focus of the hit series "Mad Men" away from the masculine realm of Madison Avenue, fix

By Ernest Kearney — In "The Pig Farm," Director John Leingang and Writer Richard Klein crowd their stage with a cluster of

By Ernest Kearney — In many ways, “Marry Me a Little,” in its final weeks at Long Beach’s International City Theatre is,

By Ernest Kearney — "Singing Revolution the Musical," at the Broadwater Main Stage, has so very much going for it that one is somewhat

By Ernest Kearney  —  Carla Delaney is a talent to luxuriate in, with a lovely voice, sharp comedic skills, and a persona that can

By Ernest Kearney - Since its Broadway opening in 1982 it’s doubtful a year has passed without there being at least two dozen (likely