By Ernest Kearney — The BLUE13 Dance Company according to Paul Crewes, the Artistic Director of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the

Ernest Kearney — In choosing Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus," Mat Sweeney, Jesse Rasmussen and Choreographer Sebastian Peters-Lazaro of Four

By Ernest Kearney — I give to you my personal list of the best theatre Los Angeles offered in 2019, with a

By Ernest Kearney — Roberta Kathleen Parks, Audrey Nelson, Mary Jo Peyton, Shirley Marie Sherrill, Melissa Anne Smith, Carrie Ann Rois,

By Ernest Kearney — Nowadays most people, — particularly those generations born after the epoch when high school courses were given on the proper

By Ernest Kearney — "Let’s Write a Musical," played the McCadden Theatre at this year’s Hollywood Fringe. It is a show

By Ernest Kearney — I always say, at least to anyone willing to listen, that the two most common types of failures, theatre-wise, are

By Ernest Kearney — Sam Pasternak’s concept in “Public Domain, The Musical,” while poking fun at Disney Studio’s propensity for squeezing profits out

By David Nairne — You are going to have a frigging good time at "Ride or Die: The Hip-Hop Musical." My first thoughts as

By Ernest Kearney — Cathy Schenkelberg’s harrowing, hilarious and eye-opening account of her 20 years in the Scientology cult, "Squeeze My Cans," was one

By Ernest Kearney One-man show, "Clark Wade - A Jazzy Tragedy," is a stylish recounting of the rise and fall of

By Ernest Kearney — It was the sight of torch-wielding marchers parading through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia chanting, “Jews shall not replace us,”

By Ernest Kearney — Edward C. Goodman is a Fringe veteran of such HFF laff-generators as "Mr. Mark Twain Answers All Your Questions and

By Ernest Kearney  —  Well what do you know? Here’s The Tvolution’s final list of recommendations prior to the opening of the 2019 Hollywood

By Ernest Kearney  —  Hershey Felder began doing his solo shows based on the lives of great composers some twenty-five years ago at the

By Ernest Kearney — Step by step, inch by inch – The Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 draws nearer. Must say, I think this

By Ernest Kearney — So here you have the second round of Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 offerings that sound promising:

By Ernest Kearney — We live in a world of tangerine despots, murderous religionists, a generation who places more credibility in lowlifes

By Ernest Kearney — June is slowly but steadily approaching, and with June comes that Saturnalia of the Arts, The Hollywood Fringe

By Ernest Kearney  —  Many found 2018 a rather soft year for theater, and it possibly was.  Or perhaps it only seemed so since