By Ernest Kearney — Playwright Stanley Brown's 'Huckleberry Towers' is a show not without merit, but one without definition.

By Ernest Kearney — First and foremost, one leaves 'Dear Yoko' with the appreciation that Anzu Lawson has lived one heck of

y Ernest Kearney — The story goes that while giving an interview, many years back, Playwright Edward Albee was asked his opinion

By Ernest Kearney — The Collaborative Artists Ensemble’s staging of "Unraveled" by Jennifer Blackmer brings to its audiences a serious, solid piece

By Ernest Kearney — With his play Jitney, August Wilson provided the book-end for both extremes of his ten-play series The Pittsburgh

By Ernest Kearney — In his 1944 play No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre famously penned, “Hell is other people.” In The Dog

By Ernest Kearney — Roberta Kathleen Parks, Audrey Nelson, Mary Jo Peyton, Shirley Marie Sherrill, Melissa Anne Smith, Carrie Ann Rois,

By Ernest Kearney — Jonathan Shapiro’s "Sisters in Law" now at the Wallis is based on Linda Hirshman’s bestselling dual biography on Sandra

by Ernest Kearney — What is the definitive symbolic icon of man’s crucible of flesh? The precise embodiment of his indarba to the narrow

By Ernest Kearney — Nowadays most people, — particularly those generations born after the epoch when high school courses were given on the proper

By Ernest Kearney — I make an effort to see all the international shows and those productions coming from other states to participate

By Ernest Kearney — This year the TVO crew and I saw 76 shows and from those, here are THE TVOLUTION 2019 Fringe Awards…

By Ernest Kearney — I always say, at least to anyone willing to listen, that the two most common types of failures, theatre-wise, are

By Ernest Kearney — Readers of my Fringe reviews on TVO are undoubtedly familiar with the rating system I apply to the shows I

By Ernest Kearney — Sam Pasternak’s concept in “Public Domain, The Musical,” while poking fun at Disney Studio’s propensity for squeezing profits out

By Ernest Kearney "The Mayor’s Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska" at the Complex Hollywood, while both a "Twilight Zone" doppelganger and political parable is

By Ernest Kearney — In "Lock Your Heart, Elder P.," Performer/Writer Robert Perkins offers an absorbing insight into both the psyche

By Ernest Kearney — The Indomitus Theatre Company is young…. Very young. They are in the flush of discovery of the power and the

By Ernest Kearney — An Amazing Abyss of Artsy Abstract Absurdity.* I ran into Mitchell Bisschop, ("Pit Of Goblins" writer/performer) on

By Ernest Kearney — Edward C. Goodman is a Fringe veteran of such HFF laff-generators as "Mr. Mark Twain Answers All Your Questions and