By Ernest Kearney  —  Carla Delaney is a talent to luxuriate in, with a lovely voice, sharp comedic skills, and a persona that can

By Ernest Kearney - Since its Broadway opening in 1982 it’s doubtful a year has passed without there being at least two dozen (likely

By Ernest Kearney — There’s a great deal that is familiar about The Wolfe & the Bird, Rachel Parker’s one-woman show at the Matrix.

The Hollywood Fringe Festival shows attended by The Tvolution, for 2021, are eligible for a “Medal” in one of FOUR categories. They are:

By Ernest Kearney — A time warped backyard BBQ where the hot dogs and burgers come with extra strangeness and squirt of inanity to

By Ernest Kearney — At the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival, "The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign" —written and performed by

By Ernest Kearney  —  Ruchi Kishore, creator and star of "Dirty Chai – a hip-hop bollywood musical" which recently played during the Hollywood Fringe

By Ernest Kearney — “The Easter Bunny” is a self-described live stream “urban horror story” by Canada’s Marbles Theatre Group. It

By Ernest Kearney - In this refashioning of the first chapter from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, "The Great Gatsby," the audience is realigned

"Toshanisha – The New Normal" is a collaboration between South America’s Os Satyros and Africa’s Bold Theatre Kenya, and

By Ernest Kearney — “EGG,” a clever dance piece chronicling a woman’s life from birth, by Australian Performer Erin Fowler is one

By Ernest Kearney — In "Deconstructing Holly," the courage shown by Playwright/Performer Holly Sidell in recounting her long struggle against cancer, resulting

By Ernest Kearney - In the brief 20-year period in which Tom Lehrer recorded, he established himself as the greatest musical satirist of the

by Ernest Kearney — The main problem with actor Eric Billitzer’s "Nobody Needs Another Hamlet," (playing The Hollywood Fringe at the Broadwater) is that

By Ernest Kearney — Why…? Why…? C’mon, why…? Really, why…? Why…? Why…?

By Ernest Kearney — All through the enforced isolation of the pandemic, denied my needed fix of theatrical smack, desperately watching Zoom shows presented

By Ernest Kearney - Alma Collins offers invaluable insights, in this Hollywood Fringe staging at the Hudson Theatre, and shows us that ithe journey

By Ernest Kearney — Hase’s one-woman show, "I Hear So Extremely Loud," currently running at The Hudson Theatre, is composed of brief selections taken

HOLLYWOOD, CA — The Hollywood Fringe has officially launched a new mobile app for community members to access show information, purchase tickets, and organize schedules throughout

by Ernest Kearney — It was fitting that the first show of the Hollywood Fringe Festival '21, for this reviewer, was Gordon Stephen Matheson