By Ernest Kearney — A horizontal tango. A wailing of loneliness. A cleaning of the stage accompanied by a smothering profusion of lavender.

By Ernest Kearney ­— “A lot of trouble about a little music,” snarls Andrei Zhdanov (John Kayton) the Central Committee’s Chief of Ideology as

By Ernest Kearney — Oxymorons. Defined by assorted dictionaries as, “A combination of contradictory or incongruous words.” They pour forth from Shakespeare’s

By Ernest Kearney – In Fatherland, Stephen Sachs has taken a page from such “documentary plays” as Michael Hastings’ 1966 Lee Harvey Oswald: A

By Ernest Kearney — There are those legendary hit musicals that graced the Great White Way to sold-out audiences and gathered enough awards to

By Ernest Kearney — City Garage’s production of "Insulted. Belarus," a chronicle of that country’s political woes by native son Andrei Kureichik,

By Ernest Kearney — For a decade, each fall, the father John (Arye Gross) and his daughter Caitlyn (Jacqueline Misaye) spend time

By Ernest Kearney — "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" ( at A Noise Within thru Nov. 12) is one of the most underrated,

By Ernest Kearney  —  "Ghost Land," at City Garage Theatre, opens with the kindly face of a gigantic god staring down upon us, a

By Ernest Kearney — "Blood at the Root" by Dominique Morisseau (onstage at the Atwater Village Theatre thru Oct. 28) is a

By Ernest Kearney — There is no drama in this drama rather there is contemplation, the drama of which is divergence, and

By Ernest Kearney — “When a splinter is intolerable crucifixion is endurable.” The joy of Harold Pinter’s plays is in

By Ernest Kearney — With a great many artists whose work you are familiar with, you can be assured of having an

By Ernest Kearney - The TVO Awards presents 'The Best Of' for HFF23.

By Ernest Kearney This year, during the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL, The TVolution & crew saw 81 shows and honestly, I wish we

By Ernest Kearney — In Judaism shame is at the forefront of it all. As related in Genesis, after their eating of

By Ernest Kearney — Ideas are swarming in Josiah Blount’s flamboyant one-man theomachy ''Flayed, '' and we’re talking a swarm of the

By Ernest Kearney — Madeleine Lemay has created a silly short songfest about the doomed romance between the Titanic and the iceberg

By Ernest Kearney In “Unwrapped: Life After Giftedness,” Kira Wallace has done some excellent writing, filling her solo-show script with clever and exceedingly

By Ernest Kearney — A young girl who loves camp is at the core of the story in "Keeper," and her tale