By Ernest Kearney - The Great Biden/Trump "Liar-Liar, Pants on Fire" 2024 Scorecard Game at last!

By Ernest Kearney — The National Reorganization Process was the sanitized designation for the military dictatorship that controlled Argentine from 1976 to 1983 subjecting

By Ernest Kearney — Christopher William Johnson and his School of Night company has, over the years, been responsible for an impressive array of

By Ernest Kearney — In 2003 Harper’s Magazine commissioned John D’Agata to pen an essay about the suicide of a 16-year-old Las Vegas teenager,

By Ernest Kearney  —  In Unrivaled, Playwright Rosie Naraski introduces audiences to Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shōnagon, two celebrated authoresses of 11th century Japan. 

By Ernest Kearney — "Yaacobi & Leidental" is currently having its US premiere at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble and the merging of play

By Ernest Kearney — In 1998 the headline of The National Enquirer bellowed to the gullible: “Titanic Survivor Found on Iceberg! She Still Thinks

By Ernest Kearney — Sadly, violence is all too often mistaken by the weakest among us as strength. Then, should they turn

By Ernest Kearney — In dramatizing the life of Dwight D. Eisenhower, you are faced with two wildly, out of balance acts. The first

By Ernest Kearney — If you’re a fan of Pat Benatar, Invincible is a must see, and if you’re not, see it

By Ernest Kearney — Set in an upscale neighborhood of Philadelphia, Melissa Jane Osborne’s "Smile" (on stage at Atwater Village Theatre) begins with Rachel

“Di Lady Di,” a favorite at this year's Hollywood Fringe, is currently playing in rotation with All is True, or Henry VIII at The

By Ernest Kearney ­— With their opera 'Arkhipov,' Composer Peter Knell and Librettist Stephanie Fleischmann have superbly captured the historical event in their

By Ernest Kearney — Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show, David Lucarelli’s loopy homage to late night television horror hosts, was plainly rooted in

By Ernest Kearney  — Throughout its 30-year history, A Noise Within has demonstrated, for any theatrical company, the strategy for success.  A focused concentration

By Ernest Kearney -- "Valley Song," at Long Beach’s International City Theatre, is in many ways unique among South African playwright Athol Fugard’s works.

By Ernest Kearney — In selecting a basis for their musical, “A Dream At the End of Time,” Thomas Barrett Blakeley and

By Ernest Kearney — At the core of Nicholas Buda’s drama, "It’s In Our Bones,"' are two sisters trapped in a cabin

By Ernest Kearney — This was the Fringe that was meant to show to our city and the world, we’re still here,

All the shows reviewed, during Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022, are ranked in one of the five categories listed below: PLATINUM: These are shows that are