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By Nicusor Ciumacencu — I recently watched Season 3 of "Party Down," which ran just over a month from February-end to March-end

By Ernest Kearney — Sadly, violence is all too often mistaken by the weakest among us as strength. Then, should they turn

By Ernest Kearney — Writer/Director Ken Roht’s hellzapoppin’ vamping musical "Vampire Burt’s Serenade" has a good deal going for it. Burt, a manic Nosferatu,

by Ernest Kearney  —  Imagine if Donald Trump was president for life, that all the TV stations were operated by Fox News and that

by Ernest Kearney  —  I do have a soft spot for weird sci-fi flicks - The History of Future Folk (2013), John Carpenter’s Dark

What does this all mean? A flashy, vulgar celebrity/businessman runs for public office with no prior experience except having run a beauty pageant.  His sound

The Algerian War, 1954-1962 is a struggle, all but, forgotten today in the West. For brutality, employment of terrorism, and the pitting of Muslim against

There are plenty o' football games variety and specials to eyeball on this weekend of final holiday visitations, but there are also plenty of

The question, for all (or it should be) GOT viewers: Will the Snow 'who knows nothing' return? HBO’s just released promotional trailer does the name

Can the lightening in the bottle that was the essence of the limited special event of True Detective, Season 1 be caught again? This from

Check the trailer for Sense8 from the creative minds of the Wachowskis, Grant Hill and J. Michael Straczynski. Streaming everywhere Netflix June 5.

Arya now: "She could feel the hole inside her every morning when she woke. It wasn't hunger, though sometimes, there was that too. It was

In the real world April means springtime and showers. In HBO time, it means winter is coming. In the land of Westeros, summers often

"It was like the eve of a battle; the hearts beat, the eyes laughed, and they felt that the life they were perhaps going

Game of Thrones Season 5 is coming. It's time to prepare. Take a look to see glimpses of interactions

If The Honorable Woman was the bravest Freshman Drama of Summer 2014, Extant was the Most Surprising. Academy Award winner Halle Berry fully commits every

How rare a thing; a thinking man's sci-fi both stimulating and satisfying. Penned by Jerome Bixby known for such works as The Lost Missile,

Let's imagine one could take a heaping jigger of Citizen Kane, another of Blade Runner, pour in a dash of the life of Walt

Indeed, four men like them, four men devoted to each other from their money to their lives, four men always supporting each other, never

Ana Lily Amirpour's intelligent and superbly crafted film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is definitely a world view of a rebel with