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By Ernest Kearney – Writer/Performer Matt Lieberman and Director Aysha Wax have delivered a slick and amusing mea culpa

By Ernest Kearney – I want every show I see to leave me gaping in wide-mouth wonderment.

By Ernest Kearney – Silliness. Wet silliness. Dolphin sex silliness. Just a whole lot of silliness, in fact

By Ernest Kearney – There’s nothing like “Adventures in John Wuchte’s brain” to guarantee a toe-tapping good time in the theater.

By Ernest Kearney – If pushed to describe Mark Vigeant’s overall approach to comedy, I would compare it to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre –

By Ernest Kearney – The Unknown Artist Company has taken this silly, simplistic musical by Tony award-winning Amber Ruffin and composer David

By Ernest Kearney – Zelda Fitzgerald was more than merely the wife of Author F. Scott Fitzgerald. She was an icon of early

By Ernest Kearney — The dark wooden canopy of the Appalachia Valley, known as The Great Valley, shrouds a deep and massive scar that

By Ernest Kearney – Sometime after the publication of "Through the Looking-Glass" in 1871, author Lewis Carroll penned his nonsense poem "The Hunting of

By Ernest Kearney — All I was expecting from "Al Fine"— a ten-minute show about “the final moments of the musicians on the Titanic,”

By Ernest Kearney – A big one-eyed pink gob skitters on stage; a belching, burping, farting, gurgling kinda cuddly pink blob who wants to

By Ernest Kearney – "Sam" is a sweet show, and writer/director/performer Sam Labrecque is an engaging and talented young actress. 

By­ ­­­­­­­ Ernest Kearney —  Ah, there’s the rumbling that’s music to my ears.  A rumbling rising up from actors emoting, directors interpreting, producers

By Ernest Kearney — A horizontal tango. A wailing of loneliness. A cleaning of the stage accompanied by a smothering profusion of lavender.

By Ernest Kearney ­— “A lot of trouble about a little music,” snarls Andrei Zhdanov (John Kayton) the Central Committee’s Chief of Ideology as

By Ernest Kearney — Oxymorons. Defined by assorted dictionaries as, “A combination of contradictory or incongruous words.” They pour forth from Shakespeare’s

By Ernest Kearney – In Fatherland, Stephen Sachs has taken a page from such “documentary plays” as Michael Hastings’ 1966 Lee Harvey Oswald: A

By Ernest Kearney — There are those legendary hit musicals that graced the Great White Way to sold-out audiences and gathered enough awards to

The International Flamenco Festival Features Living Legend 'Tomatito', 'Jose Maya & Rycardo Moreno' direct from Spain - March 7 and 9.

By Ernest Kearney – Perhaps the greatest accolade that can be awarded to an author is when the undeniable ascendency of their artistry and