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By Ernest Kearney — David Mynne’s one-man show of Charles Dickens’ "Great Expectations" knocked me off my feet last year.

By Ernest Kearney — The Collaborative Artists Ensemble’s staging of "Unraveled" by Jennifer Blackmer brings to its audiences a serious, solid piece

By Ernest Kearney — With his play Jitney, August Wilson provided the book-end for both extremes of his ten-play series The Pittsburgh

By Ernest Kearney — While watching a stage magician’s performance there is an unavoidable disappointment when one can plainly see the

The Tvolution is reprinting the following review, in anticipation of the upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol,” playing at the Wallis Annenberg Center for

By Ernest Kearney — Defenders by Cailin Maureen Harrison is an odd little hybrid, that comes across like M. Night Shyamalan had

By Ernest Kearney — "Romeo and Juliet in Hell," written and directed by Matt Ritchey, currently being staged at the Actor’s Workout

By Ernest Kearney — Roberta Kathleen Parks, Audrey Nelson, Mary Jo Peyton, Shirley Marie Sherrill, Melissa Anne Smith, Carrie Ann Rois,

By Ernest Kearney — "One of the Nice Ones" produced in 2016 by the Echo Theater Company resulted in two accomplishments for its

By Ernest Kearney — Jonathan Shapiro’s "Sisters in Law" now at the Wallis is based on Linda Hirshman’s bestselling dual biography on Sandra

By Ernest Kearney — In their theatrical variation of the Three Card Monty scam entitled Never Ever Land on the stage of Theatre Unleashed,

by Ernest Kearney — What is the definitive symbolic icon of man’s crucible of flesh? The precise embodiment of his indarba to the narrow

By Ernest Kearney — Nowadays most people, — particularly those generations born after the epoch when high school courses were given on the proper

By Ernest Kearney — The best theatre I’ve seen has been on bare stages, under looming oak trees, in gloomy, ramshackle homes. So whenever

By Ernest Kearney — "I Am Not A Man" is a stand up routine trying to pass for a solo show, more than anything

By Ernest Kearney — There are seldom any survivors when a relationship crashes and burns, just those who walk away maybe a little wiser.

By Ernest Kearney — "Loose Underwear" has a great deal going for it not the least of which is Writer/Performer Dagmar Stansova.

By Ernest Kearney — I make an effort to see all the international shows and those productions coming from other states to participate

By Ernest Kearney — "Let’s Write a Musical," played the McCadden Theatre at this year’s Hollywood Fringe. It is a show

By Ernest Kearney – "The Play That Goes Wrong" is a huge Hindenburg of a cartoon which has found its mooring mast