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By Ernest Kearney — "One of the Nice Ones" produced in 2016 by the Echo Theater Company resulted in two accomplishments for its

By Ernest Kearney — Jonathan Shapiro’s "Sisters in Law" now at the Wallis is based on Linda Hirshman’s bestselling dual biography on Sandra

By Ernest Kearney — In their theatrical variation of the Three Card Monty scam entitled Never Ever Land on the stage of Theatre Unleashed,

by Ernest Kearney — What is the definitive symbolic icon of man’s crucible of flesh? The precise embodiment of his indarba to the narrow

By Ernest Kearney — Nowadays most people, — particularly those generations born after the epoch when high school courses were given on the proper

By Ernest Kearney — The best theatre I’ve seen has been on bare stages, under looming oak trees, in gloomy, ramshackle homes. So whenever

By Ernest Kearney — "I Am Not A Man" is a stand up routine trying to pass for a solo show, more than anything

By Ernest Kearney — There are seldom any survivors when a relationship crashes and burns, just those who walk away maybe a little wiser.

By Ernest Kearney — "Loose Underwear" has a great deal going for it not the least of which is Writer/Performer Dagmar Stansova.

By Ernest Kearney — I make an effort to see all the international shows and those productions coming from other states to participate

By Ernest Kearney — "Let’s Write a Musical," played the McCadden Theatre at this year’s Hollywood Fringe. It is a show

By Ernest Kearney – "The Play That Goes Wrong" is a huge Hindenburg of a cartoon which has found its mooring mast

By Ernest Kearney — This year the TVO crew and I saw 76 shows and from those, here are THE TVOLUTION 2019 Fringe Awards…

By Ernest Kearney — Blaze Starr, stripper and paramour of Louisiana Governor Earl Long (brother of Huey), and Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor

By Ernest Kearney — I always say, at least to anyone willing to listen, that the two most common types of failures, theatre-wise, are

By Ernest Kearney — Readers of my Fringe reviews on TVO are undoubtedly familiar with the rating system I apply to the shows I

By Ernest Kearney — Fear and the pain we deny are the cancers of the soul. Having been raised in the Solid

By Ernest Kearney — For The Tvolution Medal Listings for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019, all shows attended are placed in one

By Ernest Kearney — The Drama Theatre Fantazja from Sydney, Australia arrived at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 with an international cast

By Ernest Kearney — Are we the sum of our parts, or our parts themselves? Can we ever be free to be fully