• Hollywood Fringe Festival Award Mid Fringe 2018 Tallies (HHF18)

  • Joe and Joshua Deliver the Stuff

  • “Let There be Thistles” Draws More than Blood

  • “Uncivil Correctness”… Not Quite

  • A Rather Rocky Shakespeare

  • “Fort Huachuca” — A Story Ripe for the Telling

  • Easy Targets: Artists and Heroes

  • Feisty Fun For Everyone: It’s “Craftlesque”

  • “American Conspiracy” on a Grand Scale

  • A Stranger in A Strange Land — The Retelling of an “Epic Fail”

  • Coming to America for Her “… Own Private River Phoenix”

  • Don’t Miss The Bitch is Back: An Elton John Cabaret

[May 30, 2018] Stars of Broadway, music, movies and television sparkle as the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) comes to Culver City for a unique performance on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. The venue will be Ivy

By Ernest Kearney  —  It’s that time once again L.A.! —

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre (LWDT) the Los Angeles-based repertoire

by Ernest Kearney  —  Imagine if Donald Trump was president for life, that all the TV stations were operated by Fox News and that the nation’s population was an overwhelming mish-mash of “dittoheads,” “truthers,” and “birthers.” Well, welcome to Bassem Youssef’s

by Ernest Kearney — Forough Farrokhzad was the subject of

by Ernest Kearney  —  I do have a soft spot

For the most part, Korean cinema has not rung the



Looking for the “Big Bang” — that spark which initiated what would become America’s if not the World’s interest in comics as a popular entertainment platform? Searching for the underlying import as generation upon generation discovers and develops a growing loyalty to the Comic Book as a visual and literary artform? “Face front, true believers!”— All will be revealed, as AMC presents as part of its Visionaries' series, 'Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics."

It opens with a real-life catastrophic event: a meteor the

Long-awaited "Game of Thrones'" Season Seven—winner of 12 Emmy's just Award Tallies for mid run of the Hollywood Fringe Festival ‘18 (HHF18): We rank all the shows we attend in one of the five categories listed below:

By David Nairne  —  Damn! "The Joe and Joshua Show!"

By Ernest Kearney — Actor, Playwright, Joshua Thomas

By Ernest Kearney  —  "Uncivil Correctness: Joan Rivers, Abbie Hoffman,

By Ernest Kearney - The Cherry Poppins Productions have embraced a formula which has served them well in Hollywood Fringe after Hollywood Fringe – satire, song and strippers. And to judge by the raucous reception given them by the audience,

By Darwyn Carson — Writer/Performer Katt Balsan is a force

By Ernest Kearney  —  There is some solid writing in Playwright/Director

By Ernest Kearney  —  James Royce is an okay mime. It’s

by Darwyn Carson  —  With an eye and a heart dedicated to cohesive connection and support of local theatre, Better Lemons has become a premiere go-to review aggregate hub on the web. To that end a Theatre Critic’s Panel was

Ready. Set. Time for more AMC’s Better Call Saul and

I love speaking to a kindred soul whose passions are

Do you know his favorite Karaoke song? I do. And

Above: Screen grab from a YouTube video of the 2018 Golden Globes on NBC. There are so many ways to be angry at Trump, and his minions, and Congressional Republicans who enable the horror that plays out daily on the news.

Imagine a petting zoo where Caffè Latte is served. Or

by Darwyn Carson — Monopoly, I would wager, was always

Loser! The Tweet Defeat of Donald Trump did not begin

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