By Ernest Kearney  —  "Black Woman in Deep Water" written and performed by Makena Hammond, under Jane Fleiss Brogger’s, direction is a pearl whose value is reflected not in its size but in its perfection. 

By Ernest Kearney — "Goldbaby" is a sketch group cut

by Ernest Kearney — Everyone should read Montaigne;* though he

By Ernest Kearney — At the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival, "The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign" —written and performed by Jenne Hartstone— earned a number of honors, including the Tvolution Award for Best Solo Show (female,)

"Toshanisha – The New Normal" is a collaboration between South

By Ernest Kearney — A friend poised a question to

By Ernest Kearney — First of all, I don’t expect



By Nicusor Ciumacencu — Season 2 to Season 3, of the Netflix hit series, "The Crown" should have transitioned like the gears of an automatic transmission, unless there are poor mechanics in the works.

by Darwyn Carson — Time to Gird Your Loins everybody.

By Ernest Kearney - "In Our Man in Santiago," Playwright Mark Wilding forgoes those subtle, silken threads from which history spins its webs, which is entirely acceptable since he’s penning a farcical romp and not a historical recounting.

By Ernest Kearney —  Well, 2021 was strange in every

The Hollywood Fringe Festival shows attended by The Tvolution, for

By Ernest Kearney — There’s a great deal that is familiar about The Wolfe & the Bird, Rachel Parker’s one-woman show at the Matrix.

The Hollywood Fringe Festival shows attended by The Tvolution, for

by Darwyn Carson  —  With an eye and a heart dedicated to cohesive connection and support of local theatre, Better Lemons has become a premiere go-to review aggregate hub on the web. To that end a Theatre Critic’s Panel was

Ready. Set. Time for more AMC’s Better Call Saul and

I love speaking to a kindred soul whose passions are

Do you know his favorite Karaoke song? I do. And

By Ernest Kearney — A friend poised a question to me. She had encountered, in a brief stretch of time, three people who launched into tirades in which they rained abuse down the generation known as the Baby Boomers, individuals

By Darwyn Carson — Aren’t we tired of this yet…?

I’m an Angry White Man, with a twist: I’m angry