• ‘Elephant Shavings’ –  Adventures In Ron Sossi’s Mind

  • ‘A Slight Ache’ is at the Odyssey and the Possum is Gleefully Under the Serving Cart[1]

  • ‘UNCLE FRANK’  or The Colors That We Lost and the Rights That We Gained

  • From A Galaxy Far Away…’Party Down’ Season 3 

  • ‘Exorcistic: The Unauthorized Rock Musical Parody of The Exorcist’ – Glorious Toe-Tapping, Head-Spinning Fun!

  • The TVO Awards for Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023!

By Nicusor Ciumacencu — Before any analyzing, "Uncle Frank," written and directed by Alan Ball, is pleasant to watch, literally; its color palette is a joy to the eye.

By Nicusor Ciumacencu  —  EASY. That’s how Ted Lasso always

By Ernest Kearney - The Great Biden/Trump "Liar-Liar, Pants on Fire" 2024 Scorecard Game at last!

"Toshanisha – The New Normal" is a collaboration between South



By Darwyn Carson — Wish your streaming came avec un peu de français? From the Desk of TV5MONDE: Your pic of Films, Documentaries and Favorite Series. See How To Watch Below!

By Nicusor Ciumacencu — On a simplistic note, as a

by Darwyn Carson — Time to Gird Your Loins everybody.

By Ernest Kearney — There is no drama in this drama rather there is contemplation, the drama of which is divergence, and its catharsis in perception.

by Darwyn Carson  —  With an eye and a heart dedicated to cohesive connection and support of local theatre, Better Lemons has become a premiere go-to review aggregate hub on the web. To that end a Theatre Critic’s Panel was

Ready. Set. Time for more AMC’s Better Call Saul and

I love speaking to a kindred soul whose passions are

Do you know his favorite Karaoke song? I do. And