By Ernest Kearney - Well, Congrats to all. This year TVO saw 64 shows and fully-reviewed 39 of them.

By Ernest Kearney - Platinum shows are the standouts among the standouts, or those that

By Ernest Kearney — For me, too much “naughty” and not enough “puppet.”  But the Fringe audience loved this show.

By Ernest Kearney — Melissa Greenspan’s one-woman show, I confess, was a hard sell for me. What can I say?

By Ernest Kearney – By Ernest Kearney — On a small island surrounded by the man-made, turtle-laden lake in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, before

By Ernest Kearney — Hollywood Fringe 2024 has had a richness of clowns and clowning:

By Ernest Kearney Playwright Pamela Eberhardt has written a funny comedy that conceals, beneath the laughter, a very vicious “Bouncing Betty.”

The" Medicine Woman" comes out among her audience passing out noise-makers, bells, poppers and the occasional twig of sage –

By Ernest Kearney — As someone who is bored to tears by sports and once even fell into a six-week coma when I accidentally

Ernest Kearney — Alli Miller-Fisher has been a Fringe staple ever since I’ve been involved, and her performances both as an actress and

By Ernest Kearney — Take Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 novel Lolita, replace the titular blond “nymphet” with Thomas, the cartoon train, then cast Betty Boop

By Ernest Kearney — The folks behind "Queen Bee" were among the first I engaged with when plowing the collective crowds at the Office

By Ernest Kearney — Lionsgate’s’ quartet of John Wick movies constitutes one of the most successful film franchises in cinema history having amassed over

By Ernest Kearney — For his first Fringe show, Carter Breeden-Villacorta comes off looking like an “Old Pro.”

By Ernest Kearney — In his show "Furiozo," Polish clown Piotr Sikora develops an interesting relationship with his audience, one comparable to those relationships

By Ernest Kearney — During the 1950s, when advances in the field of computer sciences first emerged on the world stage, with all its

By Ernest Kearney — From the first mention of this Fringe Festival spin of the classic Tonight Show format with Alex Enriquez as its

By Ernest Kearney — After an hour spent with her music, we still do not know who Elizabeth Eaton Converse, “Connie” to her friends,

By Ernest Kearney — Since the period of decolonization in Africa, that continent has been lashed continuously with bloody internal conflicts involving nearly half

By Ernest Kearney — On September 19, 1783, the Montgolfier brothers inaugurated the French ballooning craze.