By Ernest Kearney — If 'The Seven Step Process' by Lee Wochner is the last Zoom-play I sit through, it will be

By Ernest Kearney — Concerning these theatre-faux video productions that have been dealt out to sate the “jonesing” of the culturally attuned, the progression

By Ernest Kearney — "Romeo & Juliet; Virtually" is another valiant effort to breach the great barrier of the current crisis and provide theatre

By Ernest Kearney — Well here we are, still in the great Covid plague of 2020, and this is my first theatre review sans

By Ernest Kearney — Early Thursday morning, February 27, 2020, noted character actor Gene Dynarski shuffled off his mortal coil in a Studio City

By Ernest Kearney — The BLUE13 Dance Company according to Paul Crewes, the Artistic Director of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the

Ernest Kearney — In choosing Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus," Mat Sweeney, Jesse Rasmussen and Choreographer Sebastian Peters-Lazaro of Four

By Ernest Kearney — The rich soil of Frida Kahlo’s life has, spreading just beneath its surface, the roots of a dozen

By Ernest Kearney — Playwright Stanley Brown's 'Huckleberry Towers' is a show not without merit, but one without definition.

By Ernest Kearney — First and foremost, one leaves 'Dear Yoko' with the appreciation that Anzu Lawson has lived one heck of

y Ernest Kearney — The story goes that while giving an interview, many years back, Playwright Edward Albee was asked his opinion

By Ernest Kearney — I give to you my personal list of the best theatre Los Angeles offered in 2019, with a

By Ernest Kearney — David Mynne’s one-man show of Charles Dickens’ "Great Expectations" knocked me off my feet last year.

By Ernest Kearney — The Collaborative Artists Ensemble’s staging of "Unraveled" by Jennifer Blackmer brings to its audiences a serious, solid piece

By Ernest Kearney — With his play Jitney, August Wilson provided the book-end for both extremes of his ten-play series The Pittsburgh

By Ernest Kearney — While watching a stage magician’s performance there is an unavoidable disappointment when one can plainly see the

The Tvolution is reprinting the following review, in anticipation of the upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol,” playing at the Wallis Annenberg Center for

By Ernest Kearney — Defenders by Cailin Maureen Harrison is an odd little hybrid, that comes across like M. Night Shyamalan had

By Ernest Kearney — "Romeo and Juliet in Hell," written and directed by Matt Ritchey, currently being staged at the Actor’s Workout

By Ernest Kearney — Roberta Kathleen Parks, Audrey Nelson, Mary Jo Peyton, Shirley Marie Sherrill, Melissa Anne Smith, Carrie Ann Rois,