by Ernest Kearney — The Australian Theatre Company's "Grey Nomad" by Dan Lee is the tale of Helen (Ros Gentle) and her husband Jim

"La Razón Blindada," by Argentinean playwright Aristides Vargas, achieves many things on stage; it is disturbing and insightful, but more than anything else, it

"Silent Sky" in its final weekend at Long Beach's International City Theatre, is a well-crafted feel-good evening in the theatre.  If playwright Lauren Gunderson

The Coeurage Theatre Company has a mission statement, startling in both brevity and boldness: “…to make impassioned theatre accessible for all audiences through Pay

In "Ashlee Olivia Presents E.A.R.T.H.A.," Ms. Jones delivers an exceptional performance of an exceptional performer

There have been a number of performances that will travel with me for quite some time during Hollywood Fringe 2017… a remarkably strong year

It is surprising how a vocal style dating back before the 1500s can still strike one as so immediate. Such is the case with

"The Spidey Project" has been one of the most popular shows at Fringe 2017 and it’s easy to understand why after seeing the first

Let us talk the lowest of high concept. Take the most obnoxious representatives of our society’s ills: A woman (Rebecca Larsen) obsessed with the entitlement her

In "The Sacred Beasts" for Hollywood Fringe 2017, writer/director Chris Wollman has mined a particularly rich vein of historical gold in the “Odd Coupling”

I must admit an admiration for Tricia Aurand’s undertaking in "Nicaea." Not only does she present an historical tale, but one of a most

There are more individuals whose talents deserve some Note of Distinction this year, and we, at TheTVolution wish the privilege of acknowledging them

All playwrights of any merit explore those vast and stretching abysses that form human relationships. In his earlier work, “The Size of Pike” and

In “The King’s Language,” writer/director Chris Yejin, has presented the Fringe with an entertaining and intelligent little history lesson of King Sejong (1397 –

It is always a pity when a show falls through the cracks, and with 375 Fringe 2017 shows that is not an altogether uncommon

The tunes in "Save Me a Spot" were both charming and moving, and wisely limited to ten in number. The book, about a

The last time the Tap Overload Company came to the Hollywood Fringe, my review of their show "Office Beat" was effusive, to the point

"Do You: Migration of the Monarchs" is a dazzling concept conveyed in a visually rich language, not a play as much as a pageantry

"Kinsherf’s Coat" harkens back to one of the Sixties most lamentable losses – “The Happening," which was was an indiscernible event that even survivors

What "Help! I Might be Fabulous" presents is a modern fable by way of Stonewall and "La Cage aux Folles," in which Alfie stands

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