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Loser! The Tweet Defeat of Donald Trump did not begin with “Liddle’ Bob Corker” and his oh-so-devastating viral tweet: Wham! Impressive. But first blood was drawn

By Steve Schlich — A lot of people think of our president as a divider, but last weekend he did a frightfully good job

Above: The car used as a murder weapon in Charlottesville. This freeze-frame photo is in the Public Domain. “…there are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes,

I’m a big mouth white guy of Irish descent who, most likely, has ancestral ties to former President Barrack Obama, and that statue of

Above: July 18, 2017 MSNBC screen grab. At you thought he couldn’t look stupider! Let’s be truthful about the reason that Republicans can’t come up

Photo above is from Creative Commons: “hacker army 2.0” by Rodrigo Paoletti is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Our culture shoots black men. Kills them. And our culture acquits their killers—if they are the police. This headline grabbed me and shook me,

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We're so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside! There behind the glass stands a real

I expected President Drumpf to embarrass himself—and us by proxy—when he went abroad last month. He did not disappoint, so long as you’re a fan

…that’s the current liberal fantasy, and we can sweeten it even more by taking the rest of America’s “left coast” with us. Welcome to Ecotopia,

A lot of us who respect Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House want to curl up and hibernate for the next four

Even the best magicians never actually do magic—they give you a believable illusion that they are performing the impossible. Mostly, they do it by

With Black History Month you hear accounts of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Cyrus Attucks and other historical black figures in America’s past. I would

I’m sorry, but the Hitler analogy is at last appropriate. You can hear the original Führer’s hateful nationalism in nearly every sentence that comes

Let’s say you’re a hotshot movie producer and I’m this schlub of a writer who thinks he’s bringing the next blockbuster to our meeting.

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, there were two official newspapers: Pravda (“The Truth”) and Izvestiya (“The News”). A friend of mine who

Wait, don’t put away the Christmas decorations just yet. I’ve got one more present for you—and you’re gonna to hate it. Most of Donald Trump’s

Round One has begun, a first clang! in the bruising prize fight that Donald Trump’s presidency threatens to become. It’s The Donald vs. the

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 14. 2016) — Members of L.A.’s “PRO-99” theater community continue to gather signatures to demand a new referendum on Actors’ Equity's

We just elected a man with zero experience in government, primarily because he has no experience. That’s especially scary considering that “we” is a

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