Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017

"Herpes: A Love Story," a show about the scourge of the sexual revolution, provides creator/performer Cherise Pascual with the opportunity of blitzing the audience

"Stringmates" by Amanda Noriko Newman takes its core concept from the Asian legend of the “Red String of Fate,” the belief that the gods

The Boundless Artists Theatre Company has presented Fringe audiences with a production of the fairy tale The Little Mermaid, which is unique in its

"Ascent" features the talents of dancer Adam Kerbel and Taiko drummer Shih-Wei Willie Wu in a fusion piece that displays more ambition than articulation.

The Hollywood Fringe is in full-on fourth gear mode. Festival Director / Fringe Founder Ben Hill with his “crack team of Fringe shipmates” have

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is a premier example of a thriving Los Angelean creative arts scene. Modeled after the famed Edinburgh Festival imprint, Fringe founder,

Starting June 1st and running throughout the entire month Hollywood Fringe 2017 will be offering up 356 shows; all vying for your attention. Tickets

The Not Man Apart Physical Theatre Ensemble never fails to deliver. "Ajax in Iraq," "The SuperHero and his Charming Wife," and their

Forever Flamenco, have I said it once?  Have I said it twice?  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said it: “The Best

Beheadings– Fratricide - Infidelity - Parricide – Rebellion - The swain of Avon – And toe tapping ditties. One must admire the chutzpa Michael Shaw Fisher displays in Skullduggery for which

Anaïs Nin’s life and legacy has had more ups and downs than a pogo stick competition at a school for hyper-active youths. Critical appraisal of

Office Beat: A Tap Dance Comedy playing now at 2016's Hollywood Fringe: A review

Hollywood Fringe, Week One —Part IV  The main stays of any Fringe are the solo performances; one-man shows, one-woman, one-whatever shows. There are a whole

Well once again you have the opportunity of experiencing one of the true treats of L.A. Sunday, May 22 – Forever Flamenco. Why do I keep

I love speaking to a kindred soul whose passions are rooted in another field different from mine. It always fascinates me to hear them

There are a number of events and venues here in L.A. which I maintain are under appreciated. I’m talking about places and performances unique

Forever Flamenco is back at the Fountain Theatre, which is cause for celebration. I am a self admitted aficionado, whose been beating the drum for

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