During Empire Entertainment’s famous white party, Lucious reminds Jamal that music is the truth. So Jamal explains his sexual preference truth with an exhilarating performance of Lucious’ legendary hit, “You’re So Beautiful.” Jamal’s public outing ignites worldwide approval from the music industry, fans and family—except Lucious.

“You’re So Beautiful” is this episode’s only featured performance; but it generates several entertaining renditions. More important, the song is the catalyst that reunites Jamal and Hakeem to record on the “legacy” album of Lucious’ past hits. The recording session even inspires a “family affair” moment with Cookie and Lucious getting into the act. Unfortunately, Andre is not included in the family act; and his outsider resentment grows even deeper when Lucious refuses to make the eldest son the interim CEO. Andre’s quest for the Empire Entertainment throne threatens his marriage and even his life.

b2ap3_thumbnail_empre108-2.jpgCamilla on the arm of Hakeem (Photo by Matt Dinnerstein – Courtesy of FOX)Mother-and-son bonds strengthen between Cookie and Hakeem. But his date for the white party, Camilla, clashes with Cookie, who insinuates that the exotic older woman could affect Empire the same way Yoko Ono impacted the Beatles.

While no surprise, Lucious disappointedly two-times Cookie and Anika by promising each woman that he’ll get rid of the other. But when she learns otherwise, a hurt Anika strikes back with the one person Lucious passionately hates: Creedmoor Entertainment owner Billy Baretti.

These are just come of the OMG moments from episode 8 of Empire on FOX. Watch the full episode HERE.

Episode 9: Unto the Breach exposes more unraveling in the Empire as Anika’s indiscretion is revealed and climaxes into a potentially deadly face off between Lucious and Billy Baretti; Jamal gets a new lover; Andre goes combative; guest performances include singers Estelle and Patti LaBelle; and more…

Catch Empire on FOX on Wednesday, March 4, 9 to 10 PM EST & PST

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