The family that fights together stays together—or at least becomes more tolerant of each other—could be the subtitle for Episode 9. In a bitter war against his ex-fiancée Anika and Creedmoor’s Billy Baretti, Lucious enlists his sons and ex-wife Cookie to help corral the most top-ranked music stars. Lucious must protect the Lyons’ pride and his fiercest ally is Cookie. She triumphs over young male chauvinists and keeps a top rap artist in the Empire camp.

Empire Family-Season One-Episode nine

Photo by Chuck Hodes – Courtesy of Fox


The stress of the battlefield becomes too traumatic for Andre. When his bipolar disorder is combined with rejection from his father and causes a combative eruption, Andre is comforted in a tender moment with his brothers. But the peace is only temporary, as Andre suffers another violent mood swing and more drastic measures are pursued.

As from its very first scene, the music of Empire always delivers the most pleasing moments. And this episode continues that trend with Jamal and Estelle, as popular singer-songwriter Delphine, in an achingly beautiful performance of “Conqueror.”

These are just some of the OMG moments from episode 9 of Empire on FOX. Watch the full episode HERE.

Empire-Season One-Episode Nine

Photo by Chuck Hodes – Courtesy of Fox

Episode 10: Sins of the Father sparks new relationships for Andre and his music therapist (Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson) and possibly for Cookie and Empire Entertainment’s security chief Malcolm DeVeaux (Derek Luke); the family comes to terms with Andre’s mental illness; guest performance by Grammy winner Mary J. Blidge; and more…

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