Mohamed Atta and the Venus Flying Circus

Wow! What a remarkably haphazard and poorly structured thesis to use as the foundation for a documentary! A more insipid, puerile, substandard, shoddy and asinine effort you’d be hard pressed to find.

What are some of its sins? Well for starter it contains logical inconsistencies and nonsequiturs a-go-go, rampant “cherry picking” and tons of “meaningless questions” (my favorite being “How could Atta learn English so well after only being in the US for a month?” As if one can only learn a country’s language in that country! Geez!)

Welcome to Terrorland-Mohamed AttahWhat else? Ah, take your pick: excluded middles, appeals to ignorance, a beltway worth of begging the questions, loads of observational selections. This is a sinfully silly work on a subject that shouldn’t be cheapened by second-rate “filmmakers.”

I’m sure, too, that the “filmmaker” is telling himself this review was inserted as part of an FBI “Black Ops.”

Well as they say, “The truth is out there.” And that truth happens to be this flick sucks.

Director: Daniel Hopsicker

Narrator: Daniel Hopsicker

Not Rated

Available on DVD and VOD YouTube and other Online Vendors.

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An award-winning L.A. playwright and rabble-rouser of note who has hoisted glasses with Orson Welles, been arrested on three continents and once beat up Charlie Manson. His first play, "Among the Vipers" was a semi-finalist in the Julie Harris Playwriting Competition and was featured in the Carnegie-Mellon Showcase of New Plays. It was produced at the NPT Theater in Ashland, Oregon and Los Angeles’ celebrated Odyssey Ensemble Theatre. His following play, “The Little Boy Who Loved Monsters” was produced at The Hollywood Actors Theater, where he earned praise from the Los Angeles Times for his “…inordinately creative writing.” The play went on to numerous other productions including Berlin’s The Black Theatre under the direction of Rainer Fassbinder who wrote in his program notes of Kearney, “He is a skilled playwright, but more importantly he is a dangerous one.” Ernest Kearney has worked as literary manager or as dramaturge for among others The Hudson Theater Guild, Nova Diem and the Odyssey Ensemble Theatre, where he still serves on the play selection committee. He has been the recipient of two Dramalogue Awards and a finalist or semi-finalist, three times, in the Julie Harris Playwriting Competition. His work has been performed by Michael Dunn, Sandra Tsing Loh, Jack Colvin and Billy Bob Thornton, and to date, either as playwright or director, he has upwards of a hundred and thirty productions under his belt, including a few at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater as puppeteer. Kearney remains focused on his writing, as well as living happily ever after with his lovely wife Marlene. His stage reviews and social essays can be found at and Follow him on Facebook.

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