Barry Manilow: My Dream Duets

Modern technlogy has given Barry Manilow the opportunity to record “dream” duets with his own musical heroes on MY DREAM DUETS, and it is a bold and daring accomplishment indeed.

From cherished idols like Judy Garland and Louis Amstrong to contemporary friends like Whitney Houston and John Denver, they all have joined Manilow in his virtual recording studio, a sort of modern audio marvel, and produced memorable, unique treats.

The vocal tracks for each of his guests on MY DREAM DUETS have been extracted from the original source recordings, allowing Manilow to re-orchestrate and record new tracks, and then transport the guest vocals into vibrant new settings.

Manilow not only pays homage to his duet partners but also brings them into the modern era by transforming their vocals into new recordings, which are instantly familiar.

With a touch of savvy show-business advice from Jimmy Durante on the opening number “The Song’s Gotta Come from the Heart,” Barry Manilow’s joy of standing shoulder-to-shoulder next to these vocal giants is evident on every track.

Whether joining Dusty Springfield on the iconic “The Look of Love,” or going toe-to-toe with Frankie Lymon in his performance of “Goody, “Goody,” to his foray with the inimitable Judy Garland on “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart,” Manilow always highlights the other performer and reminds us why each one was a classic and timeless act.

His duets with Andy Williams on “Moon River,” John Denver on “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” and Whitney Houston on the old Four Tops ballad, “I Believe in You and Me” are high marks for him, and does honor to these stalwart careers from various decades.

Barry couples Louis Armstrong’s “A Wonderful World” with “It’s a Wonderful Life” from Manilow’s musical, “Harmony,” and the effect is astonishing and heartfelt.

With over 40 years at the top of his recording career, Barry Manilow has given us a tribute to these musical legends that is a stellar artistic achievement in an unprecedented career.

Here Barry puts into words the emotional impact of this evocative journey:


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