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By Ernest Kearney — Playwright Lucas Hnath’s plays are an oddity. Generally, the core of any drama is the conflict generated by specific actions

By Ernest Kearney — BC Caldwell’s "One Way Ticket to Oregon" takes a theatrical setting that is familiar; one could almost say exasperatingly so

By Ernest Kearney — Dance has been equated to language less poetry. Complexions, the dance company founded by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, in

By Ernest Kearney — Judy Carter packs a lot of diversity in her petite package; Jewish, Lesbian, comedienne, abuse survivor, hopeless romantic, dedicated magician,

By Ernest Kearney — There’s an old joke. My wife loves it. A judge in a divorce hearing informs Mickey, “I’m sorry, Mister Mouse, but

By Ernest Kearney — It goes without saying to those in the know, that The Fountain Theatre is one of the

By Ernest Kearney — It was both a pleasure and an honor to take my seat for the world premiere of "Rapunzel Alone" at

By Ernest Kearney — John Fleck is an imposing figure in the history of Los Angeles theatre and beyond. His shows

By Ernest Kearney — In many ways, “Marry Me a Little,” in its final weeks at Long Beach’s International City Theatre is,

By Ernest Kearney — "Singing Revolution the Musical," at the Broadwater Main Stage, has so very much going for it that one is somewhat

By Ernest Kearney — "My (Unauthorized) Hallmark Movie Musical," currently onstage at The Broadwater in Hollywood, has all the signposts of a

By Ernest Kearney — There is an old saw that annoys the hell out of me whenever I hear it: “History repeats

By Ernest Kearney — "The Children," running at The Fountain Theatre, opens with trickling blood. Just a nose bleed. A still,

By Ernest Kearney — “Why?” Whether one is leaving an exhibit of Banksy’s stenciled, naked, nine-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phúc fleeing her napalmed

By Ernest Kearney — The story of Chiara Offreduccio, AKA Clare, is one of the most beloved “ripping yarns” of the Catholic Church.

By Ernest Kearney  —  Carla Delaney is a talent to luxuriate in, with a lovely voice, sharp comedic skills, and a persona that can

By Ernest Kearney - Since its Broadway opening in 1982 it’s doubtful a year has passed without there being at least two dozen (likely

By Ernest Kearney - "In Our Man in Santiago," Playwright Mark Wilding forgoes those subtle, silken threads from which history spins its webs, which

By Ernest Kearney — There’s a great deal that is familiar about The Wolfe & the Bird, Rachel Parker’s one-woman show at the Matrix.

By Ernest Kearney —  Well, 2021 was strange in every way: The UN declared it the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, a mob