The Musketeers: Their Secrets and Why We Love Them

Santiago Cabrera is Aramis.  Though they are, the four of them, multilayered individuals, Aramis would seem to be the one full of the most curious contradictions as he is at once romantic and soulful.

In Dumas’ text, he is a spiritual, even religious man, so an infusion of astute conscious and soulfulness into this updated version of the famous libertine creates a Lothario who is more than (full of himself) surface beauty and pleasurable pursuits. When he gives of his body it would appear he, too, gives of his heart. He is warm and accessible. Qualities that only enhance his attractive countenance and charismatic charm and which at the most inopportune times lead to him being pursued more often than pursuing.

Aramis and Queen Anne

Aramis guards Queen Anne from a would-be assassin. (Photo Courtesy of BBC America)

Unfortunately, those same attributes can become somewhat of a liability when he’s drawn toward bedding someone he should steer away from; the name and rank of whom we all know—if up to speed.

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And this is also why, of course, Aramis is now the holder of the biggest secret of all!

Alexandra Dowling plays Queen Anne. The Queen is clever, strong minded and beautiful and doesn’t mind getting in too close to a King’s Guard.

Watch as our four fellows have a bit of fun talking the art of seduction and then catch episodes of The Musketeers Saturdays at 9pm on BBCAmerica.


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