OMG Moments on Empire

• An unexpected gift, a single red rose, is dropped at the entrance to Cookie’s swank apartment and she goes into a high velocity tailspin that leads to unintended consequences of the worst kind.
• While the rose is a key plot point in the episode 5 of Empire, Tiana’s sultry lovemaking scene with her girlfriend, fashion model India, is the most unexpected twist—to date.
• Andre and his wife, Rhonda, fire up their Macbeth freakiness and friction bubbles up between Jamal and Hakeem.
• As Lucious and Anika announce their engagement to her parents, Lucious proposes a secret plan to Anika’s father.
b2ap3_thumbnail_empireth.jpgPhoto by Chuck Hodes – Courtesy of Fox• The music still reigns as the best of Empire:
o Production begins on Hakeem’s slick, budget-busting “Drip Drop” video.
o Despite a break in and a shooting in a substandard studio, Jamal’s soulful “Keep Your Money” single is headed to the top of the charts.

These are just come of the OMG moments from episode 5 of Empire on FOX. Watch the full episode HERE.

Episode 6: Out, Damned Spot will bring family quarrels, Jamal’s advancing career and Love, Courtney Love…

Catch Empire on FOX on Wednesdays, 9 to 10 PM EST & PST

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