Memories from a long ago hit spark flames between Lucious and Cookie and ignite the passionate encounter we’ve been waiting for. But their lovemaking strikes a bitter note for Anika, who spies the couple upon returning early from a Chicago business trip.

Earlier in the evening, Luscious courts uber-wealthy financiers by portraying Empire Entertainment as a family-oriented corporation. But when encroaching ALS symptoms affect his speech, Luscious persuades Cookie to pitch Empire – and the man who built it – to the potential investors. And she nails it!

Anika’s hatred of Cookie manifests itself in a devious action that leads to the deterioration of Elle Dallas, tanking the former hard rock star’s comeback. Fortunately before Anika’s evil deed, viewers are treated to Elle’s heartfelt performance of “Walk Out on Me.”

With Elle out of the picture, Jamal and Hakeem headline the VIP gathering with an energetically entertaining rendition of “Money for Nothing.”

These are just some of the OMG moments from episode 7 of Empire on FOX. Watch the full episode HERE.

Episode 8: The Lyon’s Roar weaves more intricate romantic plots between Luscious & Cookie & Anika and Hakeem & Camilla. With Michael out of his life, Jamal begins bonding with his daughter and a new love interest. And more…

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