Pete Docter began Inside Out with a seedling of an idea, after he noticed the transition that his adolescent daughter Elle was going through. Elle had voiced the young girl Ellie in the Academy Award winner, Up.

Ellie was a

“spirited, spunky kid with hair out to there,”

Docter shared.

“My daughter… was a lot like the character at that time.”

Around the age of 11, Docter noticed his daughter had grown “quiet and withdrawn,” and a question sprouted in his mind: Why and what is she thinking? More questions followed: What was the process of “growing up” and how did the development of the brain play into all of that?

The concept of a story using “emotions” as characters was the core idea that required fleshing out with his team of collaborators; filmmakers that he’d partnered with before: producer, Jonas Rivera, co-director Ronnie del Carmen and many others. Their teamwork would take more than a few months… Their goal to construct just the right story, executed in just the right way, would take a few years.

Roving Reporter, Lisa Pirro, attended a special screening to check in on the outcome of all the work involved in producing Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out which opens nationwide today. Was it worth it? The verdict is in.

Here’s Lisa’s Roving Report:

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out opens today, June 19th, nationwide.

(Image Courtesy of Pixar)

Inside Out Voice Cast includes:

Amy Poehler as Joy
Bill Hader as Fear
Mindy Kaling as Disgust
Lewis Black as Anger
Phyllis Smith as Sadness
Riley as Kaitlyn Dias
Diane Lane as Mom
Kyle MacLachlan as Dad
Filmmakers include:
Pete Docter is the director
Ronnie del Carmen is the co-director
Jonas Rivera is the producer
John Lasseter is the executive producer

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out opens today, June 19th, nationwide.

(Image Courtesy of Pixar)

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