‘Wizards and Fools The Hallows’ Fool Moon’

If that be the fashion of your dreams then I say hold on to those dreams…or maybe not. However, if music be the food of love then I say play on.

When I came to the Actors Forum Theatre, now in its forty-first year (Yay!), to see Wizards and Fools: The Hallows’ Fool Moon, Written and Directed by Brandon Scott I was expecting to see a magic show. I was delivered a magic show which proved to be great fun and I would heartily recommend. I was also entertained by a cavalcade of talented performers, singers, and dancers. These two fun elements were tied together by something of a double edged mystery.
Upon arrival we were told to gather in the Green Room of the lobby twenty minutes prior to curtain where there would be singing and music that would reveal clues to the mystery. As promised the evening began, at 7:40, with a musical review that really could have brought the curtain down. The night I saw Wizards and Fools…Duane Thorin and Billy Revel provided the preshow (or third act, perhaps…? It’s part of the mystery) activity. Wow! Vocalist Duane on guitar and Billy on piano could have entertained a 500 seat room with ease and aplomb. It was great.

Wizard and Fools, The Hallows Moon Show - Wall of Time

Wizard and Fools, The Hallows Moon Show – Wall of Time (photo by Caren Rich)

Entering the theater I sat pondering the meaning of the songs we had just heard. How did they play into the mystery? The curtain rises and we meet Wizardwick played with real spirit by Scott. “Wicki” introduces us to his family of Wizards and Fools. The audience then begins to learn of delirious effects the Hallows’ Moon is having on his family. Time is quite out synch and this is all happening at the time when the Wizards are coming together. This is causing problems and confusion for both the family and for me.
Wizards being wizards they make the best of it through performing magic, song, and dance. The spirit and joy found in these performances carry Wizards and Fools the Hallows’ Fool Moon. There is a superb musical number performed by Larry Lederman. Cathryn MacEllerhan Saahira casts a mystical spell through her dance. The acts of the show are mixed up as the program explains. It basically goes magic, magic, song and dance magic. That works just fine.
The magic of Scott is the feature of the performance. I like very much the energy of the magic and the tricks were great fun. The audience really enjoyed itself. The ambition of the magic tricks grew through the evening. All the magic was well done although the need to keep the thread of the mysterious narrative seemed to confuse both the audience and the cast at times.

Cathryn MacEllerhan Saahira in Wizards and Fools

Cathryn MacEllerhan SaahiraCathryn MacEllerhan Saahira

  Fair warning: the narrative of Wizards and Fools… tested my patience at times. However, I gave myself over to the magic and the spirit of the proceedings. I recommend letting Wizards and Fools: The Hallows’ Fools Moon confuse you too. You will have a fine time. Arrive early!

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Wizards and Fools the Hallows’ Fool Moon Magic Show 

at the Actors Forum Theatre 

Fridays 7:30
Saturdays 7:30 PM
Sundays 6:30 PM

Through October 25, 2015

For more info or to purchase tickets 

Theatre: 818 506-O600

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