Luther’s Back—In a BBC America Movie Event

What: BBC America’s Psychological Detective Thriller— One Night, Three Hour Movie Event

TVolution Quick Take Summary: We thought we’d seen the last of him at the end of Season 4, Yes?

How surprised were we, glee notwithstanding, when series writer/creator Neil Cross announced we would be getting another dose of the strapping, charismatic, lethally effective DCI, John Luther?

End of last year’s final season, Luther rendezvoused with, gifted, crazy-lady Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson); on the selfsame bridge where they shared a “moment” in Season One. He’d been through a lot, our brainy, intuitively impulsive detective.

The love of his life, wife Zoe, had been brutally murdered by colleague and right hand man, DCI Ian Reed. His protégé, and close friend, DS Justin Ripley died in his arms in the middle of investigating a case and on and on. No one has lived through what our man has lived through and come out unscathed the other side of it.

Still, that he says goodbye to his career and life’s passion, that he chooses to go off with a borderline sociopath in search of some peace and clarity made a sort of sense. Maybe we wouldn’t have chosen that path, but many of Luther’s cases reached a successful conclusion because he followed his gut, however close to burning embers he came.

“Ever since we said goodbye to Luther on Southwark Bridge, there’s hardly been a minute when I didn’t wonder what happened next,” said Cross on why he pulled Luther out of his retreat. “So I decided to find out.”

Cross hasn’t brought Luther back to prove to his colleagues how normal he is now he’s gotten in a few R and R hours. No… Luther’s specialty was solving the most heinous of crimes; the division for which he was lead investigator was indeed a serial killer investigation unit.

Theo Bloom, Rose Leslie in Luther-S4

Joining Idris Elba for Luther, the 4th installment, and new to the series are Theo Bloom as DCI (Darren Boyd) and Rose Leslie as DS Emma Jones (Photo Credit – BBC)


BBC America revealed a bit of the psychological horror we can expect Luther, Season 4 Movie Event: “Luther’s back. Pitted against his most chilling adversary yet, haunted by the ghosts of his past and hell-bent on retribution, he’s drawn into a terrifyingly complex case that pushes him closer to the edge than he’s ever been.”

BBC America will roll out Luther as a one night three hour special event. Two shows back to back: Thursday, December 17, 9:00pm ET.

Get the popcorn and the soda. Grab a pillow and sit back for a heck of a psychological thrill ride that’s bound to be as explosive as all three seasons of Luther have been.

TVolution Quick Take: We’re all in.

(Featured Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Steffan Hill © BBC)

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What: BBC America’s Psychological Detective Thriller— One Night, Three Hour Movie Event

When: December, 17th @ 9pm, ET

Catch Up or Refresh: Seasons 1 thru 3 available on Netflix and Amazon Online

Series Creator and Writer: Neil Cross

Director: Sam Miller

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kilgarriff

Producer: Marcus Wilson

Here’s a Sneak Peak:

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