Darwyn Carson - editorDarwyn Carson’s run as Managing Editor for Leonard Maltin’s Annual Movie Guide ended in her sixth year when the guide’s forty-five year run came to a close with the 2015 edition. Darwyn pulled double duty as Managing and Television Editor for Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy website from 2010 to 2016.
Arriving in Los Angeles with an Arts and Communications degree, from the University of Colorado-Boulder, firmly in hand Darwyn spent time in front of and behind the camera in a variety of industry related jobs though never straying far from journalism and writing. She has designed and edited newsletters, wrote promos, was a regular contributor for social publications and worked PR for celebrities. She began covering movies and entertainment events when her path crossed with Zap2It.com movie editor Michael Symanski.
Working with the knowledgeable guru of film, Leonard Maltin came after five years working hand in hand with the intrepid Mr. Sidney Poitier; an experience she wouldn’t trade for the world. The TVolution  developed out of her associations with all of those mentioned above. Find Ms. Carson here, at Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy and on Facebook. Follow her @thetvolution.

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TVolution Founder and Managing Editor DARWYN CARSON completed a six-year stint as Managing Editor of Leonard Maltin’s Annual Movie Guide in 2015. She has been covering film since her early association with entertainment journalist Michael Symanski at Zap2It.com. She also covered film and restaurant news in her column Carson’s Corner for a variety of social publications. Her articles have appeared on Zap2It, Indiewire, leonardmaltin.com and, of course, The TVolution. Follow Darwyn @bnoirlikeme. Follow The TVolution @thetvolution. Please Like The TVolution on Facebook.

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