Game of Thrones New Season 6 Trailer Offers Us Much More Than Jon Snow

The wait’s been long, but the time is nigh: April 24th is coming.

Books in the series whose stories will play out: There will be The Winds of Winter with some carry over from A Feast for Crows and A Dance of Dragons. Mostly, however, the 2015 Emmy winning Best Drama Series creators (D. B. Weiss and David Benioff) are treading into new territory; which, hopefully, will be as exciting for the originists of the George R. R. Martin literary tome as it is for the proudly rabid fans of the series.

Note: Since the launch, in 2010, the GOT audience has grown upwards of a million viewers each year, averaging 2.52 million at the start up to the Season 5, episode 10 topper of 8.11 million, for a 6.88 season average.

Judging by HBO’s newly released trailer, the GOT team is certainly not resting on its laurels or creative imaginings.

Brandon’s (Isaac Hempstead Wright) back after being noticeably absent in Season 5. Brief flashes, in this chill inducing clip, appear to hint at young Stark being on his own two legs, or is this part of what he learned from his year long studies as he strove to deepen his understanding of and control over “warging.”

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(Reminder: Warging is a gift few souls are known to possess in the kingdom of Westeros. It is an ability to transfer oneself, while in a trance-like state, into the body of other beings—human or animal—and in that state effect change of any kind in the situation or circumstances. i.e. he wargs into Hodor at various points to either calm him down or make him fight off bad people who would kill them.)

Whether Bran is on his feet or no in the teaser, he is definitely with the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow) at his side and certain to be a fresh blade, inserted into this never-ending war, that no one will see coming.

Besides the peerless, von Sydow, Ian McShane (of Deadwood fame, etc.) is a new face on the front. He will be, either, making us cheer for his heroism or curse him for his villainy this year. His casting is an unknown entity; a role that has no known history. We can only buzz-buzz-buzz about the implications.

The fanzines, blogs and news outlets haven’t let the viewers down either when it comes to Jon Snow and although he’s no where to be seen—breathing—in this clip (let me know if you find otherwise), there have been more Snow-is-alive sightings (nearly) than Elvis-lives rumors in recent months.

Watch the clip closely… It is so good, but it flies by… Watch again to catch what you are bound to have missed the first time round.

Ready – Set – Begin…

(*Featured Image: Isaac Hempstead Wright, Max von Sydow. photo: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO)

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