Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer 2 is Here!

Wake up you princes of Westeros. Stay alert you Mother of Dragons. Justice is sweet. Justified vengeance is better.
HBO released trailer number 2 for the Game of Thrones sixth season whose premiere date is just under two weeks away. What can you expect from this massively popular Fantasmagory this year…?


The Starks remain split to far corners of the Kingdom and beyond:

Arya’s in Braavos and has a choice to make. She has miss-stepped. Badly. Killing someone on her must-kill list (Meryn Trant) when she was still in training. Just who does she think she is? Jaqen H’ghar, who insists he is not of that name. He, too, is No One and Nothing of the Faceless Ones. It is H’ghar who calls her to task after she oversteps and she is left blinded by Season 5’s end.

NOTE: In R. R. Martin’s tome, the blindness is a part of her training. In the HBO series, it is a retribution, penance or punishment. And thus, the choice: she can continue on her path of vengeance for her family or she can truly become No One… and No Thing. Does this mean Needle—which she’d been unwilling to release, this one remaining connection to her family, especially Jon—will find its final resting place at the bottom of a watery sea? And if she does release Needle to the deep dark will she ever be reunited with any of her Stark clan? Would she even known them?

Jon Snow—be he corporal or otherwise—lies on a slab, at the Wall, in Castle Black. Kit Harington has, jokingly, said he has—so far—only filmed “scenes of me being dead,” but this smacks of so much stuff. This has been corroborated by not only HBO programming president Michael Lombardo (“He be dead. Jon Snow is indeed dead.”) but series creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have also put the verbal nail in Jon’s coffin.

That acknowledged, one has learned: Never say never. And then we’ve all been witness to the effects of the “rise-up” powers practiced by the Red Witch, whose last whereabouts were… oh yeah… Castle Black.

Speculation is so nice, but one can but hope. ‘Nuff said.

Sansa has escaped her torturous existence by making a dangerous leap, with Reek formerly known as Theon Greyjoy, from one of Winterfell’s huge turret.

It was a step off a ledge into an unknown vastness that confirms Sansa has come onto her own. The very act seems to signify the strength of the Tully and Stark families has finally fused in the backbone of this red-haired young women once called “a pretty little bird” by the Hound, so frail of spirit was she. It’s about time. The turret from which they fling themselves is not so different, in distance, from the one that left her little brother Brandon bereft of the use of his legs so many years ago.

Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whalen) Game of Thrones S-6

Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whalen) will not leave matters as they are. (Photo by Helen Sloan – Courtesy of HBO)

Daenerys has a lot of ‘splaining to do to a Dothroki khalasar. The warriors, again if in line with Martin’s writings, are being led by one Khal Jhaqo, a former Ko (lieutenant) of Drogo’s who declared himself Khal as soon as it became clear that Drogo was very near death.

Dany knows Jhaqo only too well. He never got along with her and only deferred to her out of his allegiance to Drogo when the Khal was in his prime. Dany’s maneuvered her way out of many a tight situation, but there were a lot of Dothroki traditions that she ignored once Drogo died and the Dothroki seem tied to their traditions.

Drogon, the only one of Dany’s dragons who’s currently flying free, is nearby, but last we saw, he was hurt and licking his wounds. Still, when his mother is threatened he comes to her side. Don’t even think about threatening Daenerys Stormborn. Drogon will hurt you!

But I suspect that, main family members aside, the following characters will be making a big imprint on the forward-moving uncertain path of the far flung folk of Westeros:

Davos Seaworth: Missing digits never hindered his dedication to Stannis (the now dead, self-proclaimed king of the seven kingdoms) as his right-hand man and handoff the king.

He doesn’t believe in the God of Light and yet in this trailer, he seems to have a sixth sense: “Make no mistake. The Dead are coming.”

Princess Yara Greyjoy is a proud woman, daughter and soldier. Her first attempt to rescue Theon from Ramsay Bolton’s sway fails miserably. Will she let that failure swallow her whole as she turns tail and heads out to sea? Not as long as the honor of the Iron Islands and the Greyjoys as Lords over those islands are diminished in any way. She’s a fierce fighter,as well, and if the White Walkers are making a march south, she’s bound to be in the center of it.


GAME OF THRONES begins its ten-episode sixth season SUNDAY, APRIL 24 at 9:00 p.m.(ET/PT).

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