HBO Releases Two More GOT Season 6 Clips

Two more clips released from HBO with hints at what we can expect this coming season:

Cersei Lannister all but threw her beloved Jaimie away upon his unexpected return from Stark captivity. The abiding, nonjudgmental love which Jaimie obviously holds for his lover/sister is not returned. The Queen Mother, it seems, is holding on to huge resentment toward her twin for being captured in the first place. Damaging his case further, when he does show up, it is minus a hand… his fighting hand too. Everything that has made him a man… one who could scoff in public at those that referred to him as KingSlayer or snigger—behind his broadened back of course—at rumors of his incestuous relationship with his sib… was in that right arm and that hand that could wield a sword like none other.

“You’re too late,” Cersei says in her freezer-like tone between lips that can’t even drudge up a sneer at her scorn, so dead of spirit is she, at this point. Her first born at this point has been recently murdered. Her need to lash out at someone is always bubbling under the top layers of her epidermis and Tyrian is, currently, out of reach.

Jaimie doesn’t hold the personality of a lap dog. Even when he’s done Cersei’s bidding, there was always an edge to it. It was he, after all who, after being caught with sis ensemble, with one tap of his good—then intact hand—pushed Brandon Stark from an upper ledge at Winterfell.

Will the death of their daughter serve to bind them together again; stronger now than ever before as they seek revenge for their losses?

Sansa and Theon Greyjoy have jumped, but it’s not to their death afterall. And in this clip neither appear to be majorly injured. What they appear to be is… hunted.


GAME OF THRONES kicks off its ten-episode sixth season SUNDAY, APRIL 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m

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* Featured photo by Helen Sloan – (Courtesy of HBO)

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