At 100% full on energy the entire night, Garth Brooks IS the ultimate entertainer. From the moment he takes the stage, this man is shot out of a cannon! His high energy is super infectious and only works the already boisterous crowd further into a frenzy.

The concert is not only visually stimulating with lights, smoke and huge screens capturing all the close ups, mix in all the partying going on in the audience and rambunctiousness happening on stage and it’s like being in a rowdy home town country honky-tonk. The show takes on a life of its own and becomes as wild as the performances of the hair bands of the ’80s. Garth and his boys are having fun and it shows.

Up on stage Garth is a kid in a candy store.  He pumps up the crowd which pumps up the band, which pumps up Garth and the whole thing is like being on a sugar high.

garth brooks stage shot

This man is a born entertainer.  He is going to have a good time and take you along on his ride so don’t even try to fight it.  His love for music, his musicians, his fans and his wife pours out of his heart, soul and guitar strings. Garth is living his truth and you can’t but help being happy for him. There is nothing better than watching someone live out their dreams in front of you.

For this concert, seeing Garth is really a two for one ticket since he tours with his wife the country star Trisha Yearwood She is the ying to his yang, the calm in his storm. Simply put, her voice is flawless, effortless and provide some of the most intimate moments in the show.  Finally when her and her hubbie sing a duet, it is hard not to get goosebumbs.  Especially when you know they are singing Mr. Brooks favorite of his wife’s songs.

Even if you are not a fan of country music you should head out to experience a show you won’t soon forget. If you are worried that you don’t know any of his tunes, rest assured that will not be the case.  If you’ve ever had the radio on, been to a wedding or at a karaoke bar, you have heard his music and with help from the crowd you will be able to sing along.  (My guess would be “Friends in Low Places”)

I’ve personally never have heard an audience get this loud before.
Four encores later and they were still ready to tear the place down.
Saddle up people. #‎GARTHinVEGAS is going to be EPIC!!!

Still need another reason?  How about this… he is a super star, showing up on all kinds of music lists including coming in on number six of  list25  “The 25 Top Selling Music Artists Of All Time.”

If that isn’t impressive enough, lists him as number 6 on their  “All-Time top 10 Billboard Artists!”

Simply put, everyone, at some point in their life, everyone should go see a super star in their element. Performers of that caliber just take showmanship to a whole other lever.

Garth Brooks, Tour will be one of THE best concerts you’ll have EVER been to.

Oh yeah…. and it’s in VEGAS baby!

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