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By Darwyn Carson — I grew up in a Midwestern state, on the Eastern side of the United States. As a youngster, Akron seemed like the biggest city there ever was. I mean, the Rubber Capitol of the World had to be among the nation’s largest… Right?

It was only after I had migrated from there to Denver, then from Denver to Los Angeles, that I, much later, realized the fallacy of that notion.

But back then, energetic tweener that I was, eager to make my mark on something and feeling as if life in Northern Ohio had prepared me for anything, I’d proclaim to my dad with pride how I was going to move to New York right after high school. My father would regard me with those large, brown eyes filled with an experienced, yet unshared, knowingness and say, I had no idea what it was like out there in the world. He’d tell me that I’d be eaten alive.

He’d never go into detail but, for days afterward, I’d ponder his words. They seemed, on their face, so foreign sounding. I had no idea what he was talking about.

All I’d ever wanted to do was get up and get out. Be an adult, on my own. Making my own way, by myself… Surely, life and living couldn’t be as he said… wouldn’t be as he said…

The first full episode of our young Podcast, a fable, is set in the region of the Midwest, during a quieter time; when our senses weren’t bombarded with masses of visual and tech stimuli on overdrive.

The Coin, penned by me —your host— is, ultimately, a simplistic tale with a gentile ending.
If only life were that easily interpreted or as smoothly resolved… we’d be so much better off as a species. Or would we?

We have no idea what happened the next day at school. How the hierarchy of the classroom rolled out and came to equalize. What is the morale of the story? For me, it’s the meeting of two people who made a choice to step out of their comfort zone and a connection was forged. Will it lead to a deep, lasting bond that affects to the good, not only their lives, but the lives of anyone else with whom they come into contact?

I can’t—won’t— say. What do you think? Will it?

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There’s more to the adventures of Annie and Becky. Their story will continue…

I present to you a fable filled with hopefulness and perhaps a healthy dose of longing. I think, we can, all, relate to those sentiments.

Welcome to the first episode of the MAYDAY PODCAST: formerly known as Everyday.

MAYDAY is produced by Darwyn Carson for The Tvolution

Mayday Podcast Don’t worry about spilled milk. It could be worse.

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  1. Lost Shoe from the album Banana Cream
  2. Line Etching from album Marble Run
  3. Delicious from album Towboat

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TVolution Founder and Managing Editor DARWYN CARSON completed a six-year stint as Managing Editor of Leonard Maltin’s Annual Movie Guide in 2015. She has been covering film since her early association with entertainment journalist Michael Symanski at She also covered film and restaurant news in her column Carson’s Corner for a variety of social publications. Her articles have appeared on Zap2It, Indiewire, and, of course, The TVolution. Follow Darwyn @bnoirlikeme. Follow The TVolution @thetvolution. Please Like The TVolution on Facebook.

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