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By Darwyn Carson — Just like all of you, we, here, have so much to say about what’s going with everything happening in our lives, in our towns, in our nation and around the world.

And just like you, we want to diss.

Mayday has been a long time coming…Truth be told, we’ve gone through a variety of titles When Smart People do Stupid Things lasted for about a month. That changed to Everyday, once ideas for episodes began to overload my imagination to the extent that I realized, the umbrella of this Podcast was going to be far more expansive and inclusive than the Stupid People title implied.

I saw Everyday as a more positive means of approaching subjects, even as I knew we were going to be tackling difficult topics and issues. It was also important to recognize that it wasn’t just about nonfiction storytelling. At its center would be a message of inclusion told through tales of fiction as well nonfiction narratives.

Once I got my ‘to-go’ juice order set I was good to go. I recorded two tales back to back: one a realistic fable, based on growing up in the Midwest and the other a nonfiction tale of a personal event that happened to me over a decade ago; but I remember as if it happened yesterday.

One-Two Buckle My Shoe… As happens in life… a couple of life altering occurrences changed my perspective many times over and thus the name and nature of this podcast.

My mother, suffered a stroke soon after the holidays and was housed in a rehabilitation center in Denver. Adding to that, the coronavirus pandemic started to impact all of our lives in a very real way.

My mother, heartrendingly, did not make it. She had an extreme heart attack in April and my siblings and I have laid her to rest.

Adding to this stressful time, was the awareness that police-instigated murderous actions on Black people began to rise once more. It has always been there, bubbling under a surface of civility, but this new upsurge felt different. And I wondered.

Just what was going on out there that we are still so far apart? That there is still so much hate floating about? Are people comfortable living in such a toxic atmosphere? And if so, why?

Is this how we are to live our lives now?

I have often been accused of living in the “Land of La-La,” and counting on others to do onto all as they would have done unto them, but it doesn’t look so good right now. And still, I continue to believe that if we can breath, if we can talk, if we can think for ourselves… there is hope for us.

So… I am publishing the first two podcasts as recorded. You’ll hear me refer to the podcast title as Everyday, but that will only be for the first two episodes. Hence forth, it will be Mayday, cuz with everything that’s going on, I felt like crying out for aid was in order… from all of you…

Mayday — is about everyday life and living; storytelling, anecdotes, truth telling and far-flung fantasy tales, both real and imagined, interspersed with interviews from everyday people about their everyday lives.
It all matters. Because it happens to you… to me… to them… to us.
It is all that and more.

We invite you to support us, to subscribe… to join us. Email us your audio files, written comments and show ideas to: thetvolution@gmail.com.

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We thank you from our house to yours.


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TVolution Founder and Managing Editor DARWYN CARSON completed a six-year stint as Managing Editor of Leonard Maltin’s Annual Movie Guide in 2015. She has been covering film since her early association with entertainment journalist Michael Symanski at Zap2It.com. She also covered film and restaurant news in her column Carson’s Corner for a variety of social publications. Her articles have appeared on Zap2It, Indiewire, leonardmaltin.com and, of course, The TVolution. Follow Darwyn @bnoirlikeme. Follow The TVolution @thetvolution. Please Like The TVolution on Facebook.

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