Recorded in Hollywood: The Extension

Recorded in Hollywood has been extended.

What’s this, you say… what’s Recorded in Hollywood?

Why, I’m glad you asked.

There was once an Alabama-born lad who, during his youth, hopscotched across the land, sojourning for a time in Detroit, Michigan. After landing in Los Angeles as a young adult, John Grayton Dolphin’s entrepreneurial spirit took root and Lovin’ John was born.
John Dolphin’s initial foray into the music industry was an open 24-hours-a-day record store, which would turn out to be… just the beginning.

Dolphin’s of Hollywood grew in reputation and stature as a place to come hang out, discover fresh tunes and engage with music loving men and women of all stripes, persuasions and ethnicities. It was a happening place.

Inside the record store - (Photo courtesy of Jamelle Dolphin)

Inside the record store – (Photo courtesy of Jamelle Dolphin – Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)


John would propel the success of Dolphin’s into, and among other entertainment ventures, his first record label: Recorded in Hollywood aka RIH.

Recorded in Hollywood a historically-based musical was co-written by Matt Donnelly and, Dolphin’s grandson, Jamelle; who also authored the source material. The show, which recently closed a successful run at The Elephant Stages of the Lillian Theatre this past May has reopened and is now on at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood just until tomorrow night.

Playwright, reviewer, and social critic Ernest Kearney, covered the initial run for The TVolution. His review can be read HERE. Raised in Los Angeles, Kearney’s review has a personal connection to Dolphin’s which lends an even deeper context to his coverage.

Two more nights at Hudson Theatre at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood

Phone for tickets: (323)960-4443

For additional information about the show go to

(Lead image of John Dolphin and Ruth Dolphin circa 1958 courtesy of Jamelle Dolphin. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

And check out this 1956 tune about the man himself:


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