“Game of Thrones” Iceland/Spain Locations and Final Running Times

It’s official.  Game of Thrones, final season running times are set.  After the announcement of a shortened episode count, all hell—figuratively—broke lose. How could HBO, creators and exec producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff do this to the fan base?

Fans, world-over, have had a few months to lament the well-timed end to the ground-breaking Fantasy-Feast series; slowly coming to grips with being forced to sever relationships established between them and their singularly-forged love-to-Loves and love-to-Hates; not to mention the maze-like, essence of the world of Westeros itself.

Ultimately, it’s about the GOT legacy; which, arguably, remains supreme. And in the spirit of Bogart to Bergman, at the day’s end, “We’ll always have streaming.”

There have been differing accounts over the past few months, as to the feasibility of longer-timed episodes to balance the shorter season run of seven episodes versus ten. Producers at first denied any changes in length. Previous running times average out to approximately 55 minutes, give or take, with the longest episode: The Winds of Winter held the record for the longest show, clocking in at 68 minutes.

Here’s the final count as reported by Watchers on the Wall:

This is either good news or bad news:  It’s still only seven episodes, but six of those are longer than the series average runs and the final two are almost feature film length. Consider the glass: half-empty or half-full.

Check out this location video focusing on Iceland and Spain; just luscious…


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