By Ernest Kearney - The Great Biden/Trump "Liar-Liar, Pants on Fire" 2024 Scorecard Game at last!

By Ernest Kearney — The National Reorganization Process was the sanitized designation for the military dictatorship that controlled Argentine from 1976 to 1983 subjecting

By Ernest Kearney — Christopher William Johnson and his School of Night company has, over the years, been responsible for an impressive array of

By Ernest Kearney — In 2003 Harper’s Magazine commissioned John D’Agata to pen an essay about the suicide of a 16-year-old Las Vegas teenager,

By Ernest Kearney  —  In Unrivaled, Playwright Rosie Naraski introduces audiences to Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shōnagon, two celebrated authoresses of 11th century Japan. 

By Ernest Kearney — "Yaacobi & Leidental" is currently having its US premiere at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble and the merging of play

By Ernest Kearney — In 1998 the headline of The National Enquirer bellowed to the gullible: “Titanic Survivor Found on Iceberg! She Still Thinks

By Ernest Kearney — Sadly, violence is all too often mistaken by the weakest among us as strength. Then, should they turn

By Ernest Kearney — In dramatizing the life of Dwight D. Eisenhower, you are faced with two wildly, out of balance acts. The first

By Ernest Kearney — If you’re a fan of Pat Benatar, Invincible is a must see, and if you’re not, see it

By Ernest Kearney — Set in an upscale neighborhood of Philadelphia, Melissa Jane Osborne’s "Smile" (on stage at Atwater Village Theatre) begins with Rachel

“Di Lady Di,” a favorite at this year's Hollywood Fringe, is currently playing in rotation with All is True, or Henry VIII at The

By Ernest Kearney ­— With their opera 'Arkhipov,' Composer Peter Knell and Librettist Stephanie Fleischmann have superbly captured the historical event in their

By Ernest Kearney — Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show, David Lucarelli’s loopy homage to late night television horror hosts, was plainly rooted in

By Ernest Kearney  — Throughout its 30-year history, A Noise Within has demonstrated, for any theatrical company, the strategy for success.  A focused concentration

By Ernest Kearney -- "Valley Song," at Long Beach’s International City Theatre, is in many ways unique among South African playwright Athol Fugard’s works.

By Ernest Kearney — In selecting a basis for their musical, “A Dream At the End of Time,” Thomas Barrett Blakeley and

By Ernest Kearney — At the core of Nicholas Buda’s drama, "It’s In Our Bones,"' are two sisters trapped in a cabin

By Ernest Kearney — This was the Fringe that was meant to show to our city and the world, we’re still here,