If Trump had run for President in 1936 — PART IV


By Ernest Kearney — 1940 saw an expansion of Secretary of State Davenport’s efforts to educate Anglo-Saxon Americans about the threats to their race. Mid-point of that year Britain and France declared war on Germany, and the specter of impending carnage hung over the continent. After Nazi forces occupied Denmark and Norway the pressure on the Trump administration to take steps towards preventing Hitler from pursuing a course that would lead to more bloodshed intensified.

And finally, Trump acted.
He wrote Hitler a letter.
In it he “pitched” peace to the Fuehrer

History will look upon you favorable if you get this done the right and human way. It will look upon you forever as the Devil if good things don’t happen. Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool.”

Asked by his staff if he truly expected his letter would convince Hitler and the German armed forces not to attack France, Trump boasted—

They’re not going to refuse me. Believe me.” He smiled, “The things I am saying are correct. – far better vision than the others.

He was partially right.
German forces invaded Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

In September of 1940, Hitler sent his forces smashing into France. There were those who called for the US to offer the French assistance, but Trump rebuffed their pleas.

Sometimes you have to let them fight a little while. Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids in a lot.” he spelled out to his radio listeners. “Then you pull them apart.

There was some confusion among those who wondered when Trump ever saw “two kids” fighting when one was using Panzers and Stukas? Unfortunately Trump was so busy golfing that before he could “pull them apart” the German “kid” occupied Paris.

Edward R. Murrow, a CBS correspondent, began broadcasting shocking reports from Europe of German bombing raids against London and the persecution of Jews by the Nazis. Trump dismissed Murrow’s reports as “fake news,” telling reporters gathered outside the White House where he was showing off the putting green he had replaced the Rose Garden with, They are evil people, the press, the media, they are bad people, and nobody, nobody lies like they do.”

What about Murrow’s claims that Hitler has set up ‘death camps’ for killing Jews?” a reporter called out.

Trump shrugged it off, “I think our country does plenty of killing also.

1941 found the country in near turmoil.

When reports of Germany’s invasion of Russia were splashed over the pages of America’s newspapers, Trump made his views clear, “Russia is a faux story. It’s made up…. Democrats are using that faux — or fake — Russia story in order to make themselves feel better for losing an election that’s very hard for a Democrat to lose.”

At “this critical period” Former President Roosevelt felt it was so imperative he speak out that he broke the silence he’d maintained since leaving office and gave a lengthy interview to the New York Times.

He voiced his concern that it was vital the US modernize their military command structure, and respectfully called on President Trump to confer with Admiral Ernest J. King, General Hap Arnold, and General George C. Marshall. He ended by expressing his confidence that President Trump would be what was best for the nation’s security.

The next day, President Trump called the admiral and both generals into the Oval Office.

And fired them.

The consternation caused by this forced President Trump to go on “Lowell Thomas and the News” and account for his actions.

When Thomas courteously inquired who the president was turning to for military advice, Trump shot back, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things. I know what I’m doing and I listen to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people and at the appropriate time I’ll tell you who the people are. But my primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff.”

As the stunned Thomas and his audience listened, Trump unleashed on the Democrats.

They are destroying this country,” he blustered. “But we will never let it happen. These radical Democrats have been trying to overthrow the results of a great, great election – maybe the greatest election in the history of our country. They want to impose their extreme agenda. You know, I really don’t believe any more that they love our country.

Continuing to scapegoat the Dems, by expanding his warnings. With the subtlety of a fifty-ton sledge hammer, he implanted false visions of impending dangers.

The radical Democrats are going totally insane. They want to obliterate the rule of law, drive faith from the public square, confiscate your guns, indoctrinate your children. Destroy anyone who holds traditional American values, erase out traditions, our culture, our history and our heroes, they want to subjugate you and break you to their will.

As Thomas nervously sought to conclude the interview he wished the President “Good luck” in the upcoming elections. Abruptly President Trump interjected with, “Just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right? What are we even having it for? What are we having it for?

If elections were held he’d just win them, Trump rationalized. He went on to spell out for the people how inconvenient democracy could be, and what’s inconvenient is dispensable.

So by executive order, the elections were cancelled.
President Trump declared this was a victory for the people.
And the people cheered.

By the end of 1941 the clouds of war grew blacker. German aggression had swung towards Russia while it seemed to many that Japan and America would be unable to avoid conflict.

On December 6, 1941 President Trump tried to calm the country’s fears of a war with Japan. Japan, he insisted, was a nice country. He planned to build a hotel there. And don’t worry about Europe, he continued, assuring the nation, Hitler “is not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He’s not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down.

He made these remarks seemingly unaware that Hitler’s armies had already invaded and occupied the Ukraine five months earlier.

Early the following morning reports started coming over the wires from the West Coast of an attack on Pearl Harbor by elements of the Japanese navy. Most Americans at first suspected it was more “fake news,” but reports continued to pour in.

Pandemonium erupted in the capital as reporters converged on the White House seeking to learn if the reports were accurate true and if President Trump had been incorrect in his assessment about Japan. President Trump doggedly insisted, “I don’t think I’ve made mistakes. Every time somebody said I made a mistake, they do the polls and my numbers go up, so I guess I haven’t made any mistakes.” Trump opined if asked to grade his presidency, “I would give myself an A+.

By the next evening the accounts were undeniable. President Trump called a joint session of Congress and told the country who was to blame for these attacks on American soil – former President Roosevelt! Quickly adding Japan had helped.

He gravely described December 7th, as a day that will live in “confefe.

Nobody knew what the fuck that meant.

Trump had insisted publicly, “I’m good at war. I’ve had a lot of wars of my own. I’m really good at war. I love war in a certain way. But only when we win.

Then military setbacks in the Pacific began to be reported by the nation’s press. President Trump took to the airwaves and attacked these reports as “fake news.”

He went on to assured his audience that regardless of the rumors in the “faked news,” Germany posed no threat to America. He specifically pointed to an article in the New York Times that had carried the story of a major new Nazi policy being formulate at a conference outside of Berlin in a suburb called Wannsee.

The fake news is becoming more and more dishonest,” Trump wailed. “Even a dinner arranged for top 20 leaders in Germany is made to look sinister!

He comforted the listeners, reassuring them that under his command, the US forces would be “victorious—

“I will be so good at the military your head will spin…. There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am…. Nobody will protect our nation like Donald J. Trump.

And of course he reaffirmed his promise to “Make America Great Again.

Four short months later the Reichskommissariate proudly announced that the Nordamerika Ostzone (the North America Zone) from the Rockies to the Atlantic was Juden free. (Meanwhile everyone west of the continental divide in the Greater East Asia Kitaamerika Co-Prosperity Sphere was struggling to learn how to bow to your superiors.)

President Trump stood before a mirror, waiting to be called into the broadcast studio. He couldn’t pass a mirror anymore without admiring himself. Yeah, he thought, the Krauts can go overboard on stuff – Juden, lebensraum – but when it came to uniforms they knew their stuff.

When the German forces first land and swarmed over the eastern seaborne, Trump downplayed the concerns of those around. “I have a gut,” he told them. “And my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.

Apparently his “gut” told him to lose.

Pursued into upper New York, by Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division fresh from their triumph in Russia Trump found himself surrounded in Schenectady.

From there the President made an emergency broadcast to the nation to explain why none of it was his fault. The army was “Not good…overrated…pathetic.

The military he was left by the FDR administration was “a mess.”
When I took over our military we didn’t have ammunition. I was told by a top general, maybe the top of them all, Sir, I’m sorry sir, we don’t have ammunition.

Trump described in great detail, the “Last Stand” he’d planned on leading against the Nazi.

The likes of which was never seen before –
It would be “phenomenal,” “amazing –

It would have been a “perfect” last stand if he’d lead it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t because a New York podiatrist had diagnosed him with bone spurs in his heels.

Shortly after that broadcast, Trump surrendered.

Trump was under the care of the German High command when word came that the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, was flying in from German to confer with him.

The meeting was “perfect.” “Joe” was just another salesman himself, and the two hit it off like gang busters.

Joe told him that Hitler had followed his political career and couldn’t be happier with his job as President.

What’s more, it was the Fuehrer’s wish that Trump stay on as President to help unite Germany and America.

Trump beamed, “I think that I would be a great uniter. I think that I would
have great diplomatic skills. I think that I would be able to get along with people very well. I’ve had a great success in my life. I think the world would unite if I were the leader of the United States.

And so it was.

The USA underwent a period of what Joe called Gleichschaltung – Trump could never get the hang of these German terms – during which the schools, legal system, trade and law enforcement agencies of America were “reformed” to meet the high standards of National Socialism.

Those unable to serve the American “People’s Community,” and who had previously stymied the functioning of society by being a drain on its resources – such as the disabled, or by their “anti-social” behavior others, such as liberals, homosexuals, communists and of course the Jews – were removed for “re-education.”

Trump’s cabinet was now filled with all Germans, with the exception of Charlie Davenport who was kept on as Secretary of State. Goebbels had even encouraged and provided financing to expand his efforts at maintaining the purity of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant race.

Trump traveled the country and made regular broadcasts to help the American public better understand their German friends. And whenever he appeared in public the new uniform they had made for him caused heads to turn.

It was a lulu.

On his first broadcast, President Trump talked about his meeting with Joe. “Called me a genius, I like him so far, I have to tell you.

He explained the necessity of having German troops patrolling American streets in coordination with the local authorities: “The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country.”

Trump had certainly proved his worth to Berlin ten times over. Helping in clarifying to the country how Roosevelt and the Jews had perfidiously pushed the two nations into a needless war, and in convincing the American Volk to commit to The Great Canadian War.

People don’t realize Canada has been very rough on the United States,” he warned. ”Everybody thinks of Canada as being wonderful.

When you thought about it, you saw how he had saved the country. It was him convinced the country we needed our German Freunde armies stationed on the northern borders to hold back the bloodthirsty Canadian war machine from ravaging hapless Wisconsin and seizing control of the world’s cheese supply.

As Trump admired himself in the mirror, the doors to the radio studio that Germans had built so he could broadcast directly from the White House swung open and out came Joe. Trump puffed up in his sleek black uniform and beamed at the little man limping towards him. “How handsome am I? I am extraordinarily handsome, and I have a beautiful head of hair.

A sharp smile sliced across the face of the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. “Ja, you are une gorgeous schwanzlutscher. It is time.

The two men marched into the studio, with President Trump moving up behind the mike stand and the little Minister entering the sound booth.
On cue, Trump began reading from the perfectly typed script laid out before him.

He started by listing all the accomplishments he’d achieved—with the assistance of America’s German friends.

Unemployment had been eliminated thanks to the German companies he had convinced to open plants in America. Industrial giants like IG Farben and Topf and Sons.

He thanked the Fuehrer for the German troops he sent to safeguard the cities of the nation. “We need law and order. If we don’t have it, we’re not going to have a country. … We need law and order in our country.

Now, after the removal of the “bad Untermensch,” the streets of America were finally safe. Trump profusely thanked Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich and his Security Service with whose help, “We have triumphed over evil like nobody has seen before.

He cheerfully spoke of the solution ending “fake news” in the nation. “The press can’t write the kind of things they write, which are lies…. Our patriotic movement [has] overcome this terrible deception.”

Now, fake journalists like Murrow and the rest were gone, and the news came from those you could trust, like the silken voice Mildred Gillars and William Brooke Joyce.

Then President Trump surprised the nation by announcing he was stepping down from his leadership role in the Reichskommissariate. The Fuehrer, in his generosity, as a reward for his long and tireless service to the people of America, had decree that the Family Trump be added onto the roll of Prussian nobility. He would henceforth be Von Trump. Furthermore, he continued, the Fuehrer had bestowed on him a magnificent new estate ten miles northwest of Munich in the south of Germany, near the scenic medieval town of Dachau – Joe told him he would now be “Von Trump homofuerst of Dachau,” for the rest of his life.

He stole a glance at Joe standing behind the glass of the recording booth, as that smile of his cut across his face.

President Trump stood at the microphone and he spoke of the Nordamerika Volksgemeinschaft” to his countrymen and the world. “The United States is very happy. And you know what? Civilization is very happy. It’s a great thing for civilization.

There was a satisfied grin on his face now.

Pleased with himself he thought, “It’s amazing how often I am right.
Yes, he’d succeeded in what he’d set out to.

He’d made “America great again.”


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An award-winning L.A. playwright and rabble-rouser of note who has hoisted glasses with Orson Welles, been arrested on three continents and once beat up Charlie Manson. His first play, "Among the Vipers" was a semi-finalist in the Julie Harris Playwriting Competition and was featured in the Carnegie-Mellon Showcase of New Plays. It was produced at the NPT Theater in Ashland, Oregon and Los Angeles’ celebrated Odyssey Ensemble Theatre. His following play, “The Little Boy Who Loved Monsters” was produced at The Hollywood Actors Theater, where he earned praise from the Los Angeles Times for his “…inordinately creative writing.” The play went on to numerous other productions including Berlin’s The Black Theatre under the direction of Rainer Fassbinder who wrote in his program notes of Kearney, “He is a skilled playwright, but more importantly he is a dangerous one.” Ernest Kearney has worked as literary manager or as dramaturge for among others The Hudson Theater Guild, Nova Diem and the Odyssey Ensemble Theatre, where he still serves on the play selection committee. He has been the recipient of two Dramalogue Awards and a finalist or semi-finalist, three times, in the Julie Harris Playwriting Competition. His work has been performed by Michael Dunn, Sandra Tsing Loh, Jack Colvin and Billy Bob Thornton, and to date, either as playwright or director, he has upwards of a hundred and thirty productions under his belt, including a few at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater as puppeteer. Kearney remains focused on his writing, as well as living happily ever after with his lovely wife Marlene. His stage reviews and social essays can be found at TheTVolution.com and workingauthor.com. Follow him on Facebook.

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