Incantesimo — The Mystery of Magic and Music

Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017By David Nairne — The Sunday afternoon I saw Incantesimo, written and directed by Chris Philpott, things did not go smoothly. Billed as “an exploration of music and magic,” Incantesimo relies heavily on the ability of music to take us into a state of trance. Music and dance can transport us to a place where we are more open to suggestion if we are willing to accept that suggestion. The performance I saw left me a little confused.

At the heart of Incantesimo was a consummate showman, Riccardo Berdini who was doing everything he could to draw me into a place of magic. There were pulsating waves of charm and talent coming off of Mr. Berdini. He is a powerful charismatic singer and unflappable in his ability to keep the performance going.

The show I observed delivered on the music, trance, and storytelling however the magic moments fell flat. Such is the nature of live performance. Awkward interactions with audience members also involved, at times, convoluted magic tricks, which felt as though “Ta-Da’s!” needed to be called out after each occurrence.

The saving grace? The original music by Fabio Valdemarin and Riccardo Berdini which kept the beat and Silver Medal (via The TVolution)propelled the trance of Incantesimo.

The storytelling and music took me for an enchanting ride on a river. The magic that afternoon kept breaking the spell.

For Riccardo and Fabio: A SILVER.


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