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By Ernest Kearney — This tribute to Patrick, Tom, Liam Clancy and their musical confederate, Tommy Makem, is long overdue in “the

By Ernest Kearney — Writer and performer Mitchell Bisschop recreates two prominent Chicagoans in his show. Royko, and his close friend and

By Ernest Kearney — Hanoch Serebrenik is a very funny soul. His comic timing and his mannerisms display that happy combination

By Ernest Kearney — Writer/Performer and Composer Jeremy Ebenstein was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome early on in life.

By Ernest Kearney — British Comedian and Playwright Henry Naylor set off to Afghanistan to gather material for his play "Finding Bin

By Ernest Kearney — Steve Vlasak’s shows are nothing if not ambitious. This was as apparent in his earlier Hollywood Fringe

By Ernest Kearney  —  After a “successful workshop” production, a group of CalArts students have brought "Something in the Air" to HFF22.  After seeing

By Ernest Kearney — Legendary rocker Joe Cocker was being interviewed once very early in his career when the BBC reporter asked

By Ernest Kearney — Ahash Francis, has chosen a subject for his one-man show that is a fascinating and tragic figure from

By Ernest Kearney — Larry Davidson’s one-man show, “The Undiscovered Country – A Skeptic’s Guide to the Afterlife” is rife with gimmicks

By Ernest Kearney — It cannot be said that Joyful Raven’s “Breed or Bust” is a beautifully written piece chronicling one woman’s

By Ernest Kearney — Cat Alvarado is a young comedian with lovely plumes in her bonnet. Unfortunately, her one-woman show "Best

By Ernest Kearney — "Camp Ginger" is an intelligent well constructed tale of a young, sensitive, socially maladroit lad who is sent

By Ernest Kearney — What is startling about Charlotte Munson’s performance in her musical “Di Lady Di,” is the agility she displays

By Ernest Kearney — In our time, in our world, there is no more important battle than that for the truth. And the journalists

By Ernest Kearney — As a huge fan of the international art of clowning, right at the top of my “To See”

By Ernest Kearney — There are two parts to Niek Versteeg’s solid success at playing the titular role in “Tommy Cooper: I

By Ernest Kearney — Writer/Performer Alex McSherry takes his clue from Historian John Keegan’s classic work "The Face of Battle" in "The

By Ernest Kearney — The golden era of the sideshow maybe sadly gone, but you wouldn’t know that from watching Fred Blanco’s skillfully crafted

By Ernest Kearney — “Vincerò” is the closing term cried by the “Unknown Prince,” which concludes “Nessun Dorma” from the opera "Turandot."