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By Ernest Kearney — This was the Fringe that was meant to show to our city and the world, we’re still here,

All the shows reviewed, during Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022, are ranked in one of the five categories listed below: PLATINUM: These are shows that are

By Ernest Kearney — I’m not sure if Playwright Devin Arnold has watched a little too much League of Gentlemen or not

By Ernest Kearney — This tribute to Patrick, Tom, Liam Clancy and their musical confederate, Tommy Makem, is long overdue in “the

By Ernest Kearney — Writer and performer Mitchell Bisschop recreates two prominent Chicagoans in his show. Royko, and his close friend and

By Ernest Kearney — Hanoch Serebrenik is a very funny soul. His comic timing and his mannerisms display that happy combination

By Ernest Kearney — Writer/Performer and Composer Jeremy Ebenstein was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome early on in life.

By Ernest Kearney — British Comedian and Playwright Henry Naylor set off to Afghanistan to gather material for his play "Finding Bin

By Ernest Kearney — Steve Vlasak’s shows are nothing if not ambitious. This was as apparent in his earlier Hollywood Fringe

By Ernest Kearney  —  After a “successful workshop” production, a group of CalArts students have brought "Something in the Air" to HFF22.  After seeing

By Ernest Kearney — Legendary rocker Joe Cocker was being interviewed once very early in his career when the BBC reporter asked

By Ernest Kearney — Ahash Francis, has chosen a subject for his one-man show that is a fascinating and tragic figure from

By Ernest Kearney — Larry Davidson’s one-man show, “The Undiscovered Country – A Skeptic’s Guide to the Afterlife” is rife with gimmicks

By Ernest Kearney — It cannot be said that Joyful Raven’s “Breed or Bust” is a beautifully written piece chronicling one woman’s

By Ernest Kearney — Cat Alvarado is a young comedian with lovely plumes in her bonnet. Unfortunately, her one-woman show "Best

By Ernest Kearney — "Camp Ginger" is an intelligent well constructed tale of a young, sensitive, socially maladroit lad who is sent

By Ernest Kearney — What is startling about Charlotte Munson’s performance in her musical “Di Lady Di,” is the agility she displays

By Ernest Kearney — In our time, in our world, there is no more important battle than that for the truth. And the journalists

By Ernest Kearney — As a huge fan of the international art of clowning, right at the top of my “To See”

By Ernest Kearney — There are two parts to Niek Versteeg’s solid success at playing the titular role in “Tommy Cooper: I