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By Ernest Kearney - The TVO Awards presents 'The Best Of' for HFF23.

By Ernest Kearney This year, during the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL, The TVolution & crew saw 81 shows and honestly, I wish we

By Ernest Kearney — Ideas are swarming in Josiah Blount’s flamboyant one-man theomachy ''Flayed, '' and we’re talking a swarm of the

By Ernest Kearney — Madeleine Lemay has created a silly short songfest about the doomed romance between the Titanic and the iceberg

By Ernest Kearney In “Unwrapped: Life After Giftedness,” Kira Wallace has done some excellent writing, filling her solo-show script with clever and exceedingly

By Ernest Kearney — A young girl who loves camp is at the core of the story in "Keeper," and her tale

By Ernest Kearney — Nick Pupo’s HFF23 production of his show "Addicted," did everything an audience wants a show to do.

By Ernest Kearney — “Rhythm Delivered” features DrumatiX, a gaggle of tap-dancing percussionist clowning mimes unleashed on the Fringe by Choreographer Noa

By Ernest Kearney — I sat through one presentation of the musical “So Proudly We Hailed,” then immediately sat through a second presentation with

By Ernest Kearney — In “Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act,” Nigel Miles-Thomas excels as the legendary detective from a script by David Stuart Davies,

By Ernest Kearney — Part of the reason that show, "Shagadelic" works so well is that Writer/Performer Michael Blaha could easily be a tenured

By Ernest Kearney — In his show "Mark Pleases You," Vigeant provides enough wackiness to overload the largest three rings any circus

By Ernest Kearney — I am an aficionado when it comes to Flamenco. I am also a huge fan of both

By Ernest Kearney  —  There was some talent on the stage – Danielle Shvartsman, Hess Hagge, and Phil Arliss – and then there wasn’t. 

By Ernest Kearney  —  This is the second installment of the autobiographical tale Cooper Bates first introduced to Hollywood Fringe audiences in 2018.  That

By Ernest Kearney — Writer-Performer Casey Alcoser gives us a brief history of Lovecraft’s chilling monstrosities in this quirky Dadaesque sketch about

By Ernest Kearney  —  The first date that manages to spiral down from the awkwardness of the initial meeting into the flaming bowels of

By Ernest Kearney  —  The first superstar of ballet was Vaslav Nijinsky (1890-1950). The remarkable fusion of strength and grace he possessed would lead

By Ernest Kearney — In "The Sentence," Co-Writers/Co-Directors-Producers Ainsley Ferrell and Hannah Moore have attempted to present a layered murder mystery

By Ernest Kearney — This Hollywood Fringe (HFF23) has not had a sweeter show, and the ingredients that went into making a