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By Ernest Kearney — So here you have the second round of Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 offerings that sound promising:

By Ernest Kearney — June is slowly but steadily approaching, and with June comes that Saturnalia of the Arts, The Hollywood Fringe

By Ernest Kearney  —  Many found 2018 a rather soft year for theater, and it possibly was.  Or perhaps it only seemed so since

Out of the 380-plus shows presented during Hollywood Fringe Festival Show 2018, 80 were viewed by TVolution critics: 69 of which garnered written coverage

By Ernest Kearney —  The Aeriform Arts Studios is setup for those interested in learning the skills of trapeze, ribbon silks, lyra hoop and other forms

By Ernest Kearney — And here they are

By Ernest Kearney  — I once taught a class entitled “Industry Reality 101.” The purpose of the class was to strip my students

By Ernest Kearney — Laura Grimaldi is a whirlwind of a performer with a winning mixture of humor and honesty. In "Left Turns," her

By Ernest Kearney  —  Now the funny thing is that the title, We Need This Musical to Stop Us From Killing Ourselves — the

By Ernest Kearney  —  "Fresh Meat" is set in a dystopian future where the world order seems to have fused into three distinct classes: cannibals,

By Ernest Kearney  —  In his latest Hollywood Fringe Festival offering, "New Kid on the Block," playwright John Patrick Daly's heart is in the right place,

By Ernest Kearney  —  "Baba, Jee (Father, Yes)" is a solidly written, smartly directed and tightly performed piece. The story is straight-forward and has,

By Ernest Kearney — Its title, "The Other Side of the Razor Ribbon," refers to the modern style of barbed wire one

The TVolution Hollywood Fringe Festival Awards Coming Soon!

By Ernest Kearney  —   There is nothing so evasive as engendering effective and credible dread in a live theatre environment. Films have it easy.

By Ernest Kearney — " Coasterthon Catastrophe: An Amusement Park Musical" is a rough, dopey, kinda silly, rather tuneful, utterly frantic, sorta

By Ernest Kearney  —  There is a great deal of love and passion that has gone into Shannon Penrod’s one woman show The Autism

By Ernest Kearney  —  “I was like Mozart in his day,”  announces Bartholomew (Writer/Performer Montana Cypress) from his sanctuary in an abandoned section of

By Ernest Kearney  —  Like little boys with their toy soldiers, so, too, are little girls with their dolls: They weave webs of fantasies. 

By Ernest Kearney  —  Writer/director Giovanni Zuniga has succeeded in doing what few playwrights seldom do: knock one out of the stadium, first time

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