Joe and Joshua Deliver the Stuff

By David Nairne  —  Damn! The Joe and Joshua Show: 2018 Edition is clever and funny.

Writer performers Joe Hernandez-Kolski and Joshua Silverstein string together eight, or so, superbly performed vignettes with an overriding theme of doubt.

That does not sound funny, but in the hands of these gifted writers, it is:

They don’t know if they’ve made the right choices.
They don’t know why they keep sabotaging themselves.
They don’t know if their words are even their own anymore.
They cannot trust America’s Dad.
There is a good chance the universe as a whole is out to get them.
What if someone becomes famous for no reason at all?
What if they don’t?

Told with a mix of sketch, rap, beatbox, and dance; the direction by Armand Vasquez keeps the whole thing rolling smoothly. Each sequence began in a place of poignant honesty; from which the jokes would build, piling on, until reaching a satisfying climax evidenced by the appreciative reactions from a responsive audience.

The duo complement one another with spot-on timing and a relaxed ease that comes from trust and dedication (they’ve been working together 10 years).

All but one of the stories told were, somehow, universal. One was impossibly individual yet, seemed to hit the audience; as if to say: “Yeah. I would have reacted the same way.”  Fringe Award-Gold Medal-The TVolutionFollowing the performance, I heard one audience member remarking “It’s so relatable!”

Lucky her. She must be really funny and talented.


A GOLD MEDAL for this pair.

 ♦     ♦     ♦



The Joe and Joshua Show: 2018 Edition

Playing During the Hollywood Festival Fringe 2018


Broadwater Studio

1078 Lillian Way

Los Angeles 90038

Last performance 06/20 at 10:30pm

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