“Ride or Die: The Hip-Hop Musical,” A Head Bopping Good Time

By David Nairne — You are going to have a frigging good time at Ride or Die: The Hip-Hop Musical are my first thoughts as  I walked out of the production, smiling.  I also realized that it was a special experience. One unlike any I’ve had in the Theater before. Most of the performers are differently-abled and that is proudly featured. Well done.

Ride or Die is playing at The Broadwater during June at the Hollywood Festival Fringe 2019: the final show being Sunday June 23 at 2pm.

Michael and Elliott are in no ways alike, however their friendship is true. When Elliott is killed Michael is devastated and alone for about 30 seconds. Elliott reappears to help(?) Michael make it without him and find a new best friend.

Elliot played by John JT Tucker Jr. is stuck as an angel in wishing but is ill suited for any angelic duties. With a knack for comedic timing Mr. Tucker’s portrayal crackles and comes close to show stealing. Alongside Domoinique Brown’s Michael who is a sincere and talented performer for whom I was certainly rooting. Obvious to everyone but Elliot, and for a time Michael, Ciara played by Spencer Harte is the new best friend apparent. Miss Harte’s funny-funny Ciara is elevated by her Booger rap.

Conor Hanney who wrote the book, music, and lyrics tells this tale of finding true friendship and redemption through a series of hip-hop numbers that have fantastic beat to them. Funny head-nodding stuff which the audience ate up.

The beatboxing provided by Shaun Fisher is the fuel that keeps this show popping. By the way, good job playing God, Mr. Fisher.

Kelsey Goeres’ direction aids the performers quick comic timing. Ride or Die moves and that’s always good. An extra thumbs up for the fine job with the choreography.

I am pleased to have The Tvolution bestow upon Ride Or Die a solid GOLD MEDAL.

A unique experience at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019. Fer sho!

Ride Or Die The Hip-Hop Musical

The Broadwater Second Stage

6320 Santa Monica Blvd.

Saturday June 22 at 7PM

Sunday June 23 at 2PM

For updated show information, reservations and tickets  go to: http://hff19.org/5881

For Fringe Events and Fun Fringe Happenings explore the website: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/


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