“The Bully Problem” — Relatable Fun for Everyone

By David Nairne — Proudly go get your geek-on at The Bully Problem, now playing at the Broadwater Main Stage for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019.

It is a tale as old as time: Defensive super-powered android changes the balance of power in the jungle of high school where the smart kids play zebra to the bullies’ lions.

What comes next, however, is a fun, well-executed musical, which leaves you feeling happy and warm… as you should.

One major plus is the all-ages nature of the musical. It’s empowering and a gas for folks eight years and beyond.

Kevin (James Everts) dreams of going to a place where his genius can bloom. Instead he finds himself, seemingly, alone in a bull- infested high school of hell. His life changes when he receives an android bodyguard. His android protector becomes the savior for all the bullied, in Michael Gordon Shapiro’s (book, music, and lyrics) fantasy of gaining control of one’s world. With some help from your friends, to be sure.

What you have here is a musical in the classical vein. One great number after another performed by a tight, talented ensemble. I enjoyed the rousing anthem “Geronimo!” And was touched by the song at the center of the play, “One of Your Kind.”

The frequent laughs came through the interplay of clever words and humorous context. Joanna Syiek’s direction (including her joyful choreography) was full-up with energy and deftly handled the action— knowing full-well where and when the laughs would emanate— which covered the stage

The entire ensemble deserves much credit for a production imbued with such an energetic, enjoyable liveliness, it filled the playhouse. It is a great cast, but to name a couple of standouts: Adam Foster Ballard, pulling double duty as the barely understandable Tip Hopkins and Mr. Mason, delivered hilarity. Allie Costa’s Margaret just blew the doors off, with a voice twice her size. Fringe Award-Gold Medal-The TVolution

Go see The Bully Problem. I walked out with my head held a little higher. Glad to award the show a Tvolution.com GOLD MEDAL.


The Bully Problem
is onstage at

The Broadwater Main Stage

1076 Lillian Way

Saturday June 22 5:00 PM

Thursday June 27 6:30 PM

Saturday June 29 7:00 PM


For Complete show information, reservations and tickets go to: http://hff19.org/5900

Explore all Fringe shows, events and fun happenings at the website: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/

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