“Balls’ ON” — A Not So Rough Diamond

By Darwyn Carson  —  Writer/Performer Katt Balsan is a force of a singular nature. You can catch her through the end of June in her one-woman show, Balls’ ON, at The Broadwater Studio during Fringe 2018. Any theatre-goer thirsting for entertainment, inhabiting an even mix of candor, fun, simplicity and drama, should put a check mark next to this title on their “Definitely See” Fringe show list.

Ms. Balsan springs on to the stage, near breathless, as if she’s stopped by mid-run. The five-foot-one, French Native is a kinetic bundle of energetic creativity; so much so it takes a minute to catch up to her level of intensity. To not do so, would be a deterrent to enjoying the experience; as Katt waits for no one.

The audience is taken on a personal voyage with Ms. Balsan, as she maneuvers through life’s maze, assisted by two entities: Fate and Destiny. In the, sometimes, frantic search to discover her place in life, we’re witness to how, as a child, she was always mistaken for a boy. We empathize with her as she recounts reckless days of dance, lots of imbibing and treading into situations where no one should because at that “no longer a teen-not quite an adult” age, one can jump off a cliff before realizing: ‘I don’t have parachute.’

Instrumental in her choices are her two trusty guides, who accompany her when she decides to make an even bigger leap, as she heads to one of the biggest Fantasy Lands on the planet in her love, success and true happiness pursuit.

Will Los Angeles hold the keys to all or is this: To Be Continued?

Platinum MedalAs one-person shows go, the intimate moments in Balls’ On contain nothing earth shattering, but they do resonate, are ever entertaining and artfully constructed; having been workshopped for a few years by Ms. Balsan’s mentor and director, the celebrated Groundlings’ founder, Gary Austin.

What elevates the show to a TVOLUTION PLATINUM is Katt Balsan. She portrays at least 25 characters, during the 60-minute drama, so effortlessly, she fools you into thinking: ‘Maybe, I could do that.’

Trust me, you couldn’t.

A true gem.


♦      ♦     ♦


Ball’s ON 

Produced by E.R. Ruiz

Playing During

the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018


The Broadwater
1078 Lillian Way

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